Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Music, New Music, New Music!!!

Weekend recap:

Friday - downloading music. aside from that, a whole lot of nada. woo hoo.
Saturday - Mousetrap, briefly. My pal DJ Trickster did a great job as guest dj this month - kudos Trickster!
Sunday - I'm thinking of walking over to Sparky's to get a chai... you can see how all of this is panning out...

Anyway, I went on a rather large downloading frenzy this weekend, and got some freakishly good stuff to add to the hiphop/bhangra/dancehall portion of my collection. I have realized my deficiencies in that area, but to be honest, a lot of hiphop that's on the radio makes me crazy, so it takes a little digging to find what I like, which is to say the creeping, swingy, dance-hall / ska style hiphop. If you don't know what I'm talking about, come see me at Saint Ex when I do Tinderbox some time. You'll hear some of the slow stuff in that style.

Por ejemplo, I did download tons and tons of stuff by the Gorillaz, some new stuff by Beenie Man, bunches and oodles of stuff from Panjabi MC A great Boney M track called Daddy, and this kick ASS version of Snoop's Drop it Like it's Hot (the DJ XLS Next Episode Mix) dudes... seriously, good scores all. BUT, the stand out favorite was this freakishly cool version of Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Playgroup. Holy crap. So friggin good.

So yeah, if you need a mental picture of me this weekend, imagine a goole-eyed version of me sitting in front of my laptop like an insane person on a mission. Lovely, eh?

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