Tuesday, June 14, 2005

shhhh... don't tell...

I know that I'm at work, and I know that I should be doing worky things, but dudes, I am not so much in a working mode.

A) Because my brain seems to think that it needs to jam all kinds of signals into my noggin all at one time;

Secondly) Because of the above, I just keep getting distracted by every damn signal that's passing through.

ugh... so what's up in there, you ask? Let's see:

Primarily, getting ready for June's Right Round and July's Right Round - UP! is controlling me at the moment. I have about 1/2 hour of the set for the June RR figured out so far. Not a lot, but for me that's pretty good, considering that last night I also pulled all of the records I am planning to draw from as well. Usually I'm good for an hour or more at a time when I'm purely working on the setlist.

So yeah, lil' e mystery #1 revealed: for Right Round I take a total pre-prep approach, mainly because it is my little wee baby, and I can hardly send my baby out in public with plaid pants and a polka-dotted shirt on, now can I? It's a tricky thing, throwing such a genre-specific night every month. Sometimes I feel utterly paralyzed by all the musical choices I can put out there. "Will they dance to obscure stuff, more known stuff, wacky stuff, etc, etc, etc....????" is often my internal dialogue, up through the event itself. You'd be amazed how certain songs can pack the floor one month, then clear it out the next. Additionally, even though I may LOVE a song (example, "Brilliant Mind" by Furniture, one of my all-time faves), EVERYONE else in the room may think it's crap, and subsequently that my favorite song of all time is a good cue for them to clear the room.

Ah, such is the life of a dj, I suppose.

I know there are djs out there who really don't give a damn if anyone likes what they're playing - I can TOTALLY respect that viewpoint, however it's not one that I share. My deepest desire is to be like the pied piper of hamelin, making feets move uncontrollably. I know that when I go out dancing, I love nothing more to hear all of my favorites, one after another, even if I've heard them 100 times before. Anyway, without getting to mushy or justify-y, all I can say is that this tactic has worked brilliantly so far, and the kids seem to dig it, so I say, why mess with a good thing?

Anyway, I got my postcards yesterday for both Right Round and Crash, and the Right Round ones are great. The Crash ones have a printing problem, so I'm hoping for replacements. There are 5,000 copies of each, so the other thing that keeps plaguing my thoughts is where to put them all... I have a fairly good idea here in DC, but would be totally open to suggestions (along with addresses, people, I'm not omniscient) for locations in VA and MD... hint, hint...

My understanding is that the shirts will be printed and shipped tomorrow, so although I was hoping to have them by the 18th, my guess is that it'll be more like next week, and therefore ready for Right Round - UP! My only dilemma is pricing, but I'm guessing that once I've seen the shipping cost, I'll have a better idea of what to charge.

Okay, the voices are slowing down a bit, so perhaps that's my cue to get back to work....

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