Wednesday, June 29, 2005

some cool Right Round stuff

Why, hello again!

It's simply been ages, eh?

Anyhoo, I'm totally jazzed - Right Round UP is about 2 weeks away - a beautiful thing, considering that I'm gonna have lots and lots of merch for my peeps. Shirts, maybe some buttons, the works! I'm in the process of having girly ts made, so that's a super gigantic bonus.

Then, in August, I'm joining forces with Mark Zimin from Mousetrap and doing a combined ticket for both of our nights - it'll be $10, with unlimited access to the upstairs and downstairs all evening. How cool is that???

Aside from that, not much else to report. Because I am boring.


Bram said...

Bumper sticker spotted today:

Eat. Drink.
Boogie. Repeat.

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