Wednesday, June 08, 2005

YAY Erasure!

So, I went to see Erasure last night at the 9:30 club with my friend Kate. We're sitting up in the VIP balcony, and this nice guy (Anthony) with tons of tattoos comes up to us and starts talking - about tattoos, about Erasure, general chit chat. Anyway, I see that he's wearing an all-access pass, and ask him what he does for the band. Turns out he's their dj. I ask a little more about that. He tells me how Andy Bell initially found him (spinning at a club in New Orleans), how he's been touring with them, spinning their after parties, etc. Very COOL guy, really funny. Also, it turns out that this guy is now Andy Bell's boyfriend.

Anyway, we chatted through the show, danced like fiends (duh) and generally had a great time. Of course Erasure is a total blast to see live - tons and tons and gobs and loads of energy - with a gaggle of amazing costume changes that come along with the whole experience!!! Here's the setlist, for anyone who is interested:

No Doubt
Knocking On Your Door
Ship Of Fools
All This Time Still Falling Out Of Love
Rapture (totally f*cking amazing - Vince Clarke did the rap on a telephone hooked up to a mic. That man has a truly great voice, in case you were wondering...)
Some pretty classical thing that Andy sang - don't know what it was
Breath Of Life
A Little Respect
I Broke It All In Two
Chains Of Love
Love To Hate You
Blue Savannah
Victim Of Love
Oh L'Amour
I Bet You're Mad At Me

So anyway, back to the story....

Anthony said he'd like to have a drink with us after the show, so the 3 of us went down to the back bar after, and just hung out and chatted for an hour or so. He and I just really clicked - we had really similar philosophies about djing, ect. It was pretty neat, and we actually exchanged email addresses, talked about working
together, etc.

He then said, "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere". So, he then comes back with Andy and Vince. No shit. Anthony told me he just HAD to introduce us. Well, um, okay!!!!!

They sat at our table for quite some time, and we all talked about nothing in particular while watching the boys get bombarded by their fans. I swear, the only gushing I did was to tell Andy that I have more of his records in my collection than anyone elses, which is true. Anyway, they were SUPER DUPER nice - I couldn't believe it. They eventually had too much of it, and ran off to do whatever it is gay rockstars do after shows...

So yeah. No matter what happens in future, if anything, that most definitely ranks up there as one of the best evenings I've had in quite some time.

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Bram said...

Ummm . . . that totally rocks.