Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I do love my Independance

Dudes - good weekend!!!

Thursday Andy and I did a diving refresher course out at a pool near Sea Ventures, our dive shop. Mainly 'cause we're doing a couple of dive vacations (see below) but also 'cause we just bought new bcs (buoyancy compensators, for the uninitiated - thank you house re-fi!!!!), and new dive computers, and wanted to try both out in a VERY controlled environment. It was fun - gear worked well, and there's nothing quite as surreal as sitting on the bottom of a pool, looking up at people swimming.

Friday night, andy and I went over to the 9:30 Club, to see a screening of 930 F Street, - a REALLY kick ass documentary about the evolution of the 9:30 club. Loved it. Of course, Andy used to work at the old club for a few years, then at the new club for a year or so; so the people we know from there are like a 2nd family. Plus, we spent the better part of our formitave years going to matinees and shows at that place - so truthfully? I don't know if a person who doesn't get terms like "old club smell" would get it. But... that could be my "scenester" snobbery talking...

Saturday, not much going on. Kept working on knitting my pretty orange scarf, did some paperwork, putzed around the house. That's about it.

Sunday we went diving out at Millbrook Quarry. Totally fun, really chill - the weather was AWESOME - no humidity, 80 degrees, sunny with clouds. Made wearing the 7mm wet suit at least a little bearable. Anyway, we had a blast. The quarry is actually a diver's testing/practice spot. They've sunk a bi-plane, winnebago, school bus, writing desk, all kinds of stuff in there at varying depths that one can practice navigating to and diving around. It can be hard to see in there when there are tons of divers, kicking up silt. Plus it gets ass cold, I don't mind saying. But, A and I stayed at about 20-40 feet, and it was super fun. Even had some fishies tagging along with us for the dive. Came home and did a whole lot of NOTHING! Yeah.

All that diving is in prep for a trip up to Canadaland in August - we're heading up to visit some friends who are vacationing/living up there. In addition to trips to Vancouver and Waterloo to see each group, respectively, we're also diving in the St. Laurence river. It's apparently super clear, full of shipwrecks, and something like 70 degrees. I'll believe it when I'm there, of course...

Plus, we're going to Bonaire in Rocktober. Love the Bonaire. It's a little island in the Dutch Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) that's very, very easy to get to from our United States! It's boring as hell if you're not a scuba diver, but totally amazing if you are! There are something like 65 dive sites that are accessible from the shore - plus the water is super clear and 85 degrees, even at 110 feet - I know, I've been all the way down there!!! Aside from that, there are a few little restaurants and shops, but not much touristy stuff to do. You have to really like a whole lot of nothin' if you're not under the ocean.

For our 4th - I finished my scarf! I'll post a pic of it soon - it's very purty. Also started another one that's more of a purple gossamer thread. mmmm...fuzzy. Last night we headed up to b-more (as we've done for the last few years) to hang out and watch fireworks with J and Janet Robbins and friends. They were great company, as always, but I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with Baltimore's showing this year. Kinda lackluster. One highlight was when a neighbor's bottle rocket zoomed up and whizzed around J and Janet's roof deck. YIKES!!!

Came home and passed out to the sounds of neighborhood kids blowing stuff up. Bonus.

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