Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I heart NY

I spent last weekend in New York. Boy was that fun!!!! No, seriously, I mean it! I had a good time. Andy was up there to take the first of 3 tests to become a master sommelier. For the uncultured among you, a sommelier is a wine steward. He's the guy who comes to your table and helps with the wine choices for your dinner. A MASTER sommelier is someone who actually can tell the conditions that the grapes were grown under, just by smelling the wine!!!! Très impressionnant, non ? Wanna know more about the test? Click here.

Anyhoo, we rode the train up on Saturday - and got to hear the guy behind us whine and bitch for the ENTIRE ride about how he not only didn't have enough proof of residency to register his car in Virginia, but that he lost the remote earpiece to his cell phone AND wasted $200 on train tickets. To top it off, of the 3, count 'em 3 people he told this story to, he yelled at 2 of them for trying to give him advice. YELLED. What a dick.

So yeah, got there on Saturday, wandered a bit in Greenwich Village, then met up with our pals Paul and Yalan for dinner at Lupa, a yummy Italian restaurant. Proceeded after that to stumble into a restaurant/bar we came upon called Otto afterward. Otto provided a really nice fishbowl in which one could observe the true meaning of "bridge and tunnel people". I mean, I know New York is one of the fashion capitals of the US, but come on, people??!!! Must you be such lemmings??!! From the "cammi tops" (I FRIGGIN HATE THAT TERM) to the white prairie skirts with the cowboy boots, I seriously thought I'd stepped into a stepford bar, where everyone was given the dress code beforehand. With as many collective tattoos as the 3 of us (not including Paul, who is bare) have, combined with our absolute BUBBLE when it comes to the trends of fashion, we were strangers in a strange land. I will say that the space was AMAZINGLY cool to look at, and their method of telling people when their reservations are is the neatest I've ever seen. I'll just leave it at that - go see them!

The next day, Andy was in class, so I scraped myself out of bed, and decided to go for a wander in SOHO, the Village, etc. Maybe do a little shopping, maybe get mommy a new pair of shoes... you know... the usual. SHA - freakin 'SPENSIVE. Call me a rube - but then read that comment above about being in a bubble. Anyway, I finally found the East Village, where I felt a bit more at home. St. Marks Place was like Sesame Street for punk kids. I bought jeans, a new pair of kewl black and white creepers, and a belt with a spinning 45 thingy as the belt buckle. I shit you not. HOT STUFF, I tell ya. Met up with Andy after his class, and we went over to WD 50 for dinner. Dudes. Vegetarian tasting menu (with seafood). That's all I'm going to say. Oh yeah - and FRIGGIN' GO THERE. It was wonderful. After a rather harrowing walk home (stupid high heels) we poured ourselves in to bed.

Got up and went to work from my company's NY office while Andy did the last day of his test. It was fairly uneventful - except that my darling man-friend PASSED!!!!

YAY ANDY!!! If you read the link above regarding the other 2 tests, you know that he has a LOT of work to do in order to get his final title, but he's doing amazingly well so far. I'll keep you posted!!!

So that was our NY adventure. I loved it. Really got a better sense of Manhattan than ever before. I would never leave my darling D of C, but it was fun to visit. Lemmings and all.

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