Thursday, August 18, 2005

I am gay for Harry Potter.

There, I said it. I love the books, I love the movies. I. Love. Harry. Frickin'. Potter. Not like. Love. Got it?

And don't sit there and tell me that you think I'm wasting my time reading the books, or that you think it's a ridiculous marketing ploy crafted to lure in stupid kids, or that I've sold out my brain or some other tough guy lameness like that. Whatever, Kerouac - I've heard it all before, and you're not changing my mind, mister. I just like a good, well-researched book that tweaks my gray matter and takes me away from all this hum-drum life crap, k? You've got your drug, I've got mine.

Oh, and if you say that you haven't read the books because you "don't care", I think you're lying (with several exceptions, and you know who you are - cause I actually know for a fact that you don't care). I think you're just afraid of what your friends will think. C'mon Billy... you know you want it... it'll make you feel good...

Okay, so maybe I'm just justifying the fact that I'm reading the 4th book for at LEAST the third time, am about to read the 5th and 6th books again for the 3rd and 2nd time, respectively (just after completing book 6 for the first time ten days ago, I might add), and have a tendency to reread the whole series all over again every time a new book comes out... but who wouldn't fall in love with a precocious little wizard boy with mussy hair and a ragtag group of pals who, singlehandedly, might just save this human race of ours with a little faith and a whole lot of magic? HUH? WHO, I ask you???? You heartless muggle.

And don't say you don't know what a muggle is, cause then I'll KNOW your ass is lying.

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