Sunday, October 30, 2005

spinnin with the stars

So, as you DC peeps may or may not know, Nicole Kidman and "new James Bond" Daniel Craig have been in town for the last few weeks or months or something to film their new sci-fi movie (I've heard it called a couple of things, and being out of the loop as I am, I will not even TRY to speculate which title is correct...)


They finished up filming last week, and had a big party to celebrate wrapping the film. I had the pleasure of spinning that party, which was very very cool and a lot of fun. It was held at Asia Nora, sister restaurant to Restaurant Nora. Both are in DC, and both are certified organic - which is to say that 99% of all the food, linens, uniforms, etc. are raised/made/produced by organic means. The only rough things are fish and salt, as one cannot regulate the ocean (and farm raised fish are, for the most part, very bad for the environment and each other). But I digress.

The party was fun - I was tucked into a little cave-like banquet/alcove, blocked off by a table, and only accessible by climbing over said table. Being the social phobic that I am, it was nice to watch the party without actually having to speak to anyone. There was speculation that the stars of the evening would just do a "fly by", but they actually arrived early and stayed through to the end. NK is very nice - she looks every bit as tall and willowy in person as in photos, and was gracious, nice, and enthusiastic when I asked her if she was happy with the music.

Didn't get to meet Daniel Craig, but in seeing him in person, he seemed a bit rough around the edges to play James Bond. I would've thought maybe a Ewan MacGregor or something like that... whatever... I guess when the name on the back of the director's chair says "e", I'll be able to make such decisions.

Anyhoo, there's really LITERALLY nothing exciting, amazing, or magical to report. It was a very fun party - people danced (including one little towheadded fella who couldn't have been more than 7 or 8, who was a breakdancing fool - including back flips, y'all...), got their drink on expertly, and rocked more cool shoes and bags than you can possibly imagine.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Not to go on and on, but...

there's a beautiful, full-page ad in this week's City Paper that the 9:30 club took out to remember our Mr. Phil.

It's on page 71. Check it out, y'all. It's a beauty.

I'm gonna go cry my eyes out now...

getting better all the time

By the way, I am NOT a beatles fan, but that header seemed appropriate today.

So, mood of the day:

Feeling good.

Feeling strong.

All that stuff.

Andy and I got tribute tattoos for our pal yesterday. Andy got a nautical compass on the underside of his left wrist, and I got the beginning of a bigger tribute piece that will be built on over time. For now, it has a little cartoon, big-eyed punky/gothy dj girl (can't imagine WHO that could possibly represent...) with a turntable in her lap, impossibly gigantic boots, and stuff flying around her head. One thing flying around is a pink, crooked, broken music note, another tribute for my dear pal Mark Gregory, who died of AIDS almost 10 years ago (it seems utterly IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend that it was that long ago...) and the other is a little shamrock with wings and a halo for Mr. Phil. It's all done in pink and black, and is cute to the 10th power. I heart my new tattooooooo. Both Andy's and mine were done (as always) at Metro Ink, the shop where my pal Miss Dee and her husband Mike do their thing with ink and needles. I've known Dee since I was 16, and she is literally one of the best in the bid-nez. Plus she's cool and funny to boot.

Shameless plug - Metro Ink can be found at 5006 Berwyn rd. College Park, MD - 301-220-2288

Other highlight of the week was the High Heeled Drag Races. You would be amazed how fast those ladies can run with falsies, a wig and 5 inch platforms on, seriously! You can see pics of times past here. AMAZING!

Time for that silly work thing I've been hearing so much about...

Monday, October 24, 2005


Did Bliss on Saturday night - which was totally fun (and no, I'm not posting a setlist for that one either...) - slept about 2 hours, and went out to the Arlington Skatepark for an 8am tribute. What I didn't know about my pal was that he was an avid skateboarder! I'm totally not surprised, but it's like finding out you have a ton of cousins you never met. The guys were all super talented, ranged in age from 2 years old to 50 years old, and shredded like you wouldn't believe in honor of Phil. It was super, super, super cool, and you could tell that his family was honored and touched that so many people cared about him so deeply.

Favorite Mr. Phil story of the weekend: At the old 9:30 club, there was a loooong hallway from the front door to the actual entrance to the club itself. The doorstaff stood inside, at the end of the hallway next to the club entrance. One night, Phil was standing at the entrance with one of the other doorstaff (can't remember who it was, of course...) and a pretty drunk guy came down the hall to get into the club. Phil asked him for his ID. The guy said, "Okay, but you're going to feel like an asshole" - and handed Phil his wallet. Mr. Phil looked at his ID, then threw the guy's wallet all the way down to the other end of the hall. He said, "Hmph. NOW I feel like an asshole."

That's our Mr. Phil for you...

Andy and I spent the rest of the day in a major fog. We went to 2 Amys for lunch, then came home, cleaned up the remnants of hurricaine Andy and Erin, and watched Shaolin Soccer. Passed out at 9:30 pm for some much-needed sleep.

So, what are the things I learned/took away from weekend, you might ask? Well, first and foremost - keep in touch with the people you care about, and get the ones you don't out of your life. Live every day like it's your last. Take chances. Be funny as hell - always. Be kind. Be honest. Be there for peeps who need it - whether it's to defend them or to comfort them. Be clumsy sometimes. Don't be afraid to cry. Love your pals with wreckless abandon. Do the things that make you happy, rather than the things that make you comfortable. And finally, remember: out of sight does not, EVER mean out of mind. Especially when someone leaves this life. Those are the lessons that Mr. Phil left behind, and all are the reasons we loved him so.

If you knew him, or if you're looking for a good charity to donate to this holiday season, please make checks payable to Skatepark of Baltimore, write "Mr. Phil Fund" in the Memo section of your check, and mail to:

State of Confusion
c/o SOB
8222 Pulaski Hwy.
Rosedale, MD 21237

My understanding is that proceeds will go to the construction and maintenance of the new Baltimore Skatepark. Werd.

That is all I have to say - although I might post a pic or 2 sometime soon.

RIP, Mr. Phil.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My dumb old weekend.

Went to Mr. Phil's viewing last night. God that sucked so much. I have been brought to my knees with grief. My only comfort was that my 9:30 club "family" represented en force. I love those guys - it was devistating to see those big old fellas all crying.

Had to basically go right from there to Right Round - it wasn't a great night in terms of numbers, but I did get to play a couple of tributes to my pal and dance my ass off, which was lovely. Ended the night with Ball and Chain by Social Distortion. I also played Streams of Whiskey by the Pogues, which was wonderful. I do not have a set list, as I was caught up in the momentum and emotion of the evening. So don't ask, k?

Today was the funeral and wake. The funeral was in a catholic church, and as I am spiritual but not religious, I wasn't a huge fan. It was a lovely service, I just couldn't relate to some of the sentiment, etc. That's just my opinion - you religious types need not freak out. The wake was at the 9:30 club - GWAR was setting up while we all hung out in the upstairs balcony, which was funny, ironic and perfect. There was food and an open bar, a wall of photos and one of Mr. Phil's snowboards, which we all signed.

People gave tributes - Andy and I included - and they played a song called "I'm Going to Live Before I Die" at the very end. It was wonderful, and each gathering with this group made it all just that much easier.

That's all I know - for now, anyway.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My dear friend Phil

I got back from my vacation last night, feeling relaxed and tanned. I went to work, and got a phone call from Andy that our friend, Phil O'Donnell, better known as Mr. Phil, died on Tuesday in a motorcycle accident. I'm still reeling. I'm still sick. I'm still floored beyond belief. Things like that don't happen to people like Mr. Phil. He's invincible. He's indestructable. As Andy said, he's the closest we've ever met to a living superhero.

We've known Mr. Phil since back in Andy's 9:30 club doorstaff days. He was one of the single sweetest, nicest, craziest motherfuckers I've ever met, and Andy and I absolutely adored him. He gave the most awesome, back-cracking hugs you could ever, ever ask for, and is the only man aside from my husband who could make me blush with his complements. But it wasn't just me - he made everyone feel that way. We've spent the day in hysterics - the crying kind and the laughing kind - thinking about all the funny/insane/ridiculous/wonderful things that man did, both on his own and with his sweet, tiny lady-friend Puck.

I am heartbroken. Andy is devistated. I don't know what else to say. The world is a worse place today.

We love you, Mr. Phil. We will miss you so.