Friday, October 28, 2005

getting better all the time

By the way, I am NOT a beatles fan, but that header seemed appropriate today.

So, mood of the day:

Feeling good.

Feeling strong.

All that stuff.

Andy and I got tribute tattoos for our pal yesterday. Andy got a nautical compass on the underside of his left wrist, and I got the beginning of a bigger tribute piece that will be built on over time. For now, it has a little cartoon, big-eyed punky/gothy dj girl (can't imagine WHO that could possibly represent...) with a turntable in her lap, impossibly gigantic boots, and stuff flying around her head. One thing flying around is a pink, crooked, broken music note, another tribute for my dear pal Mark Gregory, who died of AIDS almost 10 years ago (it seems utterly IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend that it was that long ago...) and the other is a little shamrock with wings and a halo for Mr. Phil. It's all done in pink and black, and is cute to the 10th power. I heart my new tattooooooo. Both Andy's and mine were done (as always) at Metro Ink, the shop where my pal Miss Dee and her husband Mike do their thing with ink and needles. I've known Dee since I was 16, and she is literally one of the best in the bid-nez. Plus she's cool and funny to boot.

Shameless plug - Metro Ink can be found at 5006 Berwyn rd. College Park, MD - 301-220-2288

Other highlight of the week was the High Heeled Drag Races. You would be amazed how fast those ladies can run with falsies, a wig and 5 inch platforms on, seriously! You can see pics of times past here. AMAZING!

Time for that silly work thing I've been hearing so much about...

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