Sunday, October 30, 2005

spinnin with the stars

So, as you DC peeps may or may not know, Nicole Kidman and "new James Bond" Daniel Craig have been in town for the last few weeks or months or something to film their new sci-fi movie (I've heard it called a couple of things, and being out of the loop as I am, I will not even TRY to speculate which title is correct...)


They finished up filming last week, and had a big party to celebrate wrapping the film. I had the pleasure of spinning that party, which was very very cool and a lot of fun. It was held at Asia Nora, sister restaurant to Restaurant Nora. Both are in DC, and both are certified organic - which is to say that 99% of all the food, linens, uniforms, etc. are raised/made/produced by organic means. The only rough things are fish and salt, as one cannot regulate the ocean (and farm raised fish are, for the most part, very bad for the environment and each other). But I digress.

The party was fun - I was tucked into a little cave-like banquet/alcove, blocked off by a table, and only accessible by climbing over said table. Being the social phobic that I am, it was nice to watch the party without actually having to speak to anyone. There was speculation that the stars of the evening would just do a "fly by", but they actually arrived early and stayed through to the end. NK is very nice - she looks every bit as tall and willowy in person as in photos, and was gracious, nice, and enthusiastic when I asked her if she was happy with the music.

Didn't get to meet Daniel Craig, but in seeing him in person, he seemed a bit rough around the edges to play James Bond. I would've thought maybe a Ewan MacGregor or something like that... whatever... I guess when the name on the back of the director's chair says "e", I'll be able to make such decisions.

Anyhoo, there's really LITERALLY nothing exciting, amazing, or magical to report. It was a very fun party - people danced (including one little towheadded fella who couldn't have been more than 7 or 8, who was a breakdancing fool - including back flips, y'all...), got their drink on expertly, and rocked more cool shoes and bags than you can possibly imagine.

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