Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Nanners and his friend Monkey Stick!

Andy and I have a "fake pet" - a little neighborhood kitty we call Mr. Nanners, who likes to come into our back yard on occasion. He's super super cute - teeny little gray tabby who is ridiculously snuggly. We heart Mr. Nanners. The other day I saw a flyer in my hood that he was missing! And I found out that his name is really "Misty" or some other boring vanilla name like that. So we jokingly started calling him our flat pet. I know, it's not very funny... but we did laugh... hangs head in shame

So last night, Mr. Nanners came back!!! and he brought a puffy little white kitty friend who we named Monkey Stick (don't ask... if you like the comic Lenore you'll get the joke - oop oop). I was so happy that I didn't have to imagine him in someone's tire tread any more! Yay!

The end.

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