Thursday, July 28, 2005


After my last post, I thought I'd put up a picture of me looking smiley, happy, and not bitchy whatsoever...

See... I can be nice and friendly and accommodating....

Why being a dj can sometimes suck the life out of me

This will qualify as a rant, y'all, and may sound downright bitchy(cause I'm cranky) so if you don't want to hear it, close this window now.

So, I dj'd at St. Ex this past Friday. Normally, I don't really care who is out there or what I'm playing - I get equal amounts of joy spinning any records that I own for any people who are interested. HOWEVER, I have to say that I have a huge, stupid, freakish intolerance of the people who say the following to me (and before you go getting your panties in a twist, read my explanation below, k?):

"Um (and yes, they ALWAYS say 'um'), could you play some hip hop?"

Here are the reasons this bugs me:

1) I love hip hop. I have a rather large, eclectic collection, in fact. And when I'm djing at St. Ex, I typically bust out loads of it.

2) #1 having been said, aside from some 'old school favorites', I don't play a lot of hip hop that is played on the radio. I don't listen to the radio, I don't have television. In other words, the loop is ()here, and I am ()waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over *here* when it comes to current music. I have a couple of spies who tell me things that I should have, but aside from that, most of the music I buy comes from my own digging - both in used record bins and online. How else would I find Falco doing "Rappers Delight", I ask you???

3) Typically the people who request hip hop in such a manner do so when I play ANY song of ANY genre that they do not associate with hip hop. Most of the time, this is done with hands on hips, as if they're 'schooling' me. Anyway, if I put money on their timing, I would be stupid rich. Occasionally, this is frustrating because there are OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM who might not want to hear Jay Z or Outkast or whatever. Just because you want to give your boyfriend a lapdance in front of a room full of strangers to the tune of "Butterfly" doesn't mean that everyone else does. JESUS!

4) Plus, there are other songs from other genres that some people might think are just as nice/cool/good/fun to dance to as hip hop, k???

4b) Case in point: The guy sitting right in front of me who knew all the words to all the hip hop records who requested "anything" by Hall and Oates. No shit.

5) Occasionally, (and as happened on Friday) I'm actually in the MIDDLE of playing some really cool *HIP HOP* song, when someone will STILL friggin' ask me to play hip hop. Example: I was playing a remix of "Can I Kick It" by Tribe Called Quest, when someone came up to me and said the following: "Um, (see what I'm saying???) could you PLEASE play some hip hop? I have a huge group of friends with me, and we want to dance..." I suppose my retort of, "UMMM... this IS hip hop" might have been a bit short, but I just couldn't believe it. Then the girl sulked off and pouted to her friends, while another one of them came over and told me how much I sucked, and how it was my duty to make him and his friends dance. This from a person wearing a t-shirt picturing a donkey in a Hawaiian shirt, with the words "Party Your Ass Off - Burbon Street, New Orleans" on the back of it. In my estimation, the type of music he was thinking of was vastly different from what I was thinking of. I replied that it sounded more like a problem with the people he hangs out with than me. He then went around to EVERYONE in the room - including bartenders, bouncers, etc. (and NO, I'm not exaggerating - I watched this happen) to also share his stunning revelation about my abilities with them.

Again, I come back to my point - Alcohol and crazy DO NOT mix.

Now look, I normally have pretty thick skin about such things. I don't typically care about being criticized, particularly by people strike me as gigantic music lemmings. Cause, at the end of the day, I'm going to play what I want anyway. HOWEVER, after 5 hours of standing in one place, spinning records for your entertainment, temperature about 200 degrees from my vantage point, not being able to pee, choking on your cigarette smoke, kindly don't get shitty with me because I won't play that fucking song you already heard on the radio 6 times that same evening. Oh, and your shirt is stupid, and it makes you look like an asshole.

Got it?

Rant complete. I will now step slowly away from my soap box.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

CRASH - 7/20 (Featured Artist: Kraftwerk)

Last Wednesday night was Crash / Metroblogging DC's first anniversary party. For the uninitiated, Metroblogging DC is a fun, cool place to find out all kinds of info about DC and the peeps, businesses and events powering it.

A good time was had by all - although I think everyone was super duper tired by the end. For my part, this is the 2nd night in a row that I've gotten 3-4 hours of sleep because of high levels of debauchery.

Anyway, here's a cool pic from the night, courtesy of Tom from DC Metblog:

And here's the setlist - so diggit, y'all...

Kraftwerk - The Man Machine
Gorillaz - Get the Cool Shoeshine
Candy Flip - Strawberry Fields
Beanie Man - Dude
Audio Bullys - Turned Away
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Yer Lover
Playgroup - 50 Ways to Leave Yer Lover
Bananarama - Cruel Summer
Whodini - The Freaks Come Out At Night
Stereo MCs - Connected
Stone Roses - Waterfall
Psychadelic Furs - Until She Comes
Digable Planets - Cool Like That
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok
Was Not Was - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait
CCR - Down On the Corner
Rolling Stones - Miss You
Book of Love - I Touch Roses (long-stemmed version)
Belouis Some - Imagination
Kraftwerk - Musique Non Stop
Sugarcubes - Hit
Nerd - She Wants To Move (DFA Mix)
Sheena Easton - Strut
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
David Bowie - Cactus
Rapture - Sister Savior
Kraftwerk - Home Computer
Tribe Called Quest - Footprints
Fatboy Slim - the Pimp
Boney M - Daddy Cool
Macha - Until Your Temples Are Pounding
New Order - True Faith
Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon
Peplab - Lucky Lucky
The Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime in Clerkenwell
(Don't Remember) - Shake Your Coconuts
Lipps Inc - Funkytown
Erasure - Chains of Love
Human League - Don't You Want Me
Audio Bullys - Ego War
Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb
I'm A Robot - Alive
Lou Reed - Satellite of Love (extended remix)
The Clash - Stand by Me
BAD - The Bottom Line
Nitzer Ebb - Lightning Man
Madonna - Like a Virgin
Run DMC - Tricky (SFX Remix)
ABBA - Voulez Vous
SOM - First and Last and Always
Biz - Silver Spon
Anything Box - When We Lie
Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Rabbit in the Moon Remix)
Kraftwerk - Computer World
Freeze Pop - When You're Lying Next to Me
PIL - This is Not a Love Song
DM - Personal Jesus
Bronski Beat - Why?
Erasure - Blue Savannah
Kenna - Free Time
Yaz - Bad Connection
PM - The Scarlet Thing in You
Human League - Sound of the Crowd
Smiths - There is a Light that Never Goes Out
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

remembering an old pal

Andy and I got the horrible news the other day that an old friend of ours passed away very suddenly a few months ago, in a most tragic, unfortunate manner. Out of respect for her and her family, I'm not gonna say much about it here, I just wanted to pause and remember Frederique - Fred, to us. She was sweet, lovely, and unfortunately just not right for this world of ours. We thought very fondly of her, and are deeply saddened by the news of her passing. Our hearts go out to Fred's parents and sister - we will never forget the lovely weekend they spent with us in DC, and cannot possibly fathom the void that this loss has caused them.

We'll miss you, Fred. Godspeed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cigarette Smoke = Stupid

Let it be known - my man friend and I used to smoke. A lot. Combined, about 3 packs a day. Then my grandmother died of heart disease, grandfather from lung cancer, and great-uncle from emphysema, so I decided that, while we were still young, Andy and I quitting was a good idea. We quit together around 1996 or so, and have been smoke-free ever since.

So, many of you might think this makes me one of those people who waves my hand in front of my face, gagging every time a ciggy is even remotely close to me. Not true. Seriously - it's TOTALLY a personal choice. I actually get angrier when peeps I know don't wear a helmet while bike riding. Do that, my friends, and you will feel my wrath.

In fact, if you want to suffer a long, slow, dismal, painful, drowning, horrible, hacking, lung-chunks-on-your-pillow death because of your habit, more power to you. Good luck with that whole trach-tube cleaning thing later in life.

That said - I still feel crappy in my lungs from Right Round the other night. So in a way I kinda hope they ban smoking in clubs. But I do have to admit that going out in SF and NY is really odd - cause you come home smelling pretty much exactly as you did when you left the house (humidity not withstanding...)

Anyway, just wanted to rant after the last chest-rattling cough-fest I experienced a few minutes ago.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Right Round UP! - 7/16 - Setlist and commentary


Last night was, in a word, amazing.

First, allow me to comment on the weather. Holy shit. There's my comment. Comedian Dennis Miller, jerk that he has become, once (when he was still liberal, and IMHO, therefore funny) commented on a storm being so bad, that it was a "torcano". Dude. This was some torcano, let me tell you. I got to the Black Cat around 8pm or so - it had rained on and off all afternoon, but I caught a dry patch, thank god, and managed to get in and set up with my hair in tact.

I started hearing "booming" sounds through the ceiling above me around 8:30, and in spite of the sound guy's assurances that the noise was coming from the air conditioning, it became increasingly apparent to me that this might actually be that natural phenomenon known as "thunder". I'm an idiot, forgive me. Anyway, I walked downstairs, to the big, glass front doors of the club, only to discover that somehow the Black Cat was going through a car wash. A seemingly impenetrable wall of water was beating against the doors, flooding the street, and generally looking utterly hopeless. I mean, if I were getting ready to go out and saw that crap, I'd be like, "uh UH - I'm staying home with a good hour of Matlock and going to bed, bitches..."

So I spent the better part of the next hour huddling over the BC office computer, looking at doppler forecasts and animated storm-path projections, and giving myself a manicure with my teeth. It was pure, grade A suckage. But the storms were blowing over in small bursts, apparently, so eventually the weather subsided - just in time.

The dance party itself was phenominal. It seemed like every person who kept saying that they were going to come out for months on end actually showed up with 5 people in tow. The final count was somewhere around 470 or so, and this was a crazy group of hopped up dancing fools, let me tell you! I hesitate to point out specific 'incidents' from the evening, as the person or persons involved might read this posting, but let's just say that crazy and alcohol do not mix. Actually, that combination in the right setting can make some people downright creepy. Like the lady who called me over to make a request, then latched onto my arm, said something that sounded like, "wussa funk shebadew simmuh haas" and tried to kiss me. YIKES. But that wasn't all this classy lady did. Oh no. She set her VERY FULL drink down on a sign that said "DO NOT SET DRINKS ON THE STAGE" So that she could hoist herself up and LAY DOWN on yet another sign that said, "PLEASE STAY OFF THE STAGE". Hooray! Her friends made her get down, but that didn't stop this rebel! Nosirree! She then stood right in front of me, yelling a bunch of other stuff, just about as comprehensible as the above comment. Every time someone I knew would come up to say hi, she'd push her way between us and try to talk to me again. I got really good at the "death grip hug / ignore the crazy freak" maneuveur as the evening wore on. Thankfully, crazy people get distracted easily, so she finally went away.

My folks showed up and stayed through to the bitter end. At first, they just sat on the sidelines, but my mom actually came to the front of the stage and got up with the get-down for several hours. It was GREAT!!!! My pallies were so sweet to her, and totally pulled her into their dancing circle as the unofficial Club Mom! CUTE. I later talked to Bartender Al, who told me that he kept pouring them crazy strong drinks, so that kinda explains that. :) I do get a chuckle trying to visualize them right now - being the people who normally get up around 2:30 - 3:00 in the morning. Paradigm shift, anyone! Anyhoo, they seemed to have a great time, so I was super thrilled about that.

So the 2:00 bell tolled, and it was time to wrap things up. Which I did. So the kids asked for 1 more song. Then another. Then another. Then they started chanting, "e, e, e, e, e" ...what could I do? I played another 2 for them. And remember, I'm dancing just as much as they are, so I was DYING by that time. I literally had to unplug my gear to give them the hint that I was stopping! It was such a blast.

Anyway, without further adieu, here's the setlist, to the best of my recollection. I know there were a couple of things that I changed around, but I likely won't remember them all 100% accurately. So sue me.

Oh, and I put *s next to anything peeps requested.

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
* The Clash - Guns of Brixton
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
XTC - Dear God
Siouxsie ATB - Dear Prudence
Alphaville - Big In Japan
Human League - Fascination (extended remix)
Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
Siouxsie ATB - This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us
Erasure - Drama
Squeeze - Take Me, I'm Yours
Spandau Ballet - Chant No. 1
Stereo MCs - Step It Up (extended remix)
Boney M - Daddy Cool
Depeche Mode - People Are People (remix)
James - Say Something
Morrissey - You're the One for me, Fatty
The Killers - Mr. Brightside
Gang of 4 - At Home He's A Tourist
OMD - Enola Gay
New Order - Crystal
* The Kinks - You Really Got Me
Tears For Fears - Shout
* The Animals - Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Erasure - A Little Respect
Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
Blur - Girls & Boys
Sugarcubes - Birthday (dance remix)
Book of Love - Tubular Bells / Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls
* New Order - Temptation
Miss Kittin - Rippen Kitten
* Yaz - Don't Go
Erasure - Love to Hate You
Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb
When In Rome - The Promise (remix)
* Echo ATB - Bring on the Dancing Horses
Big Country - Big Country
The Romantics - Talking in Your Sleep
The Bravery - Public Service
Aha - The Sun Always Shines On TV
OMD - We Love You
* The Clash - London Calling
The Smiths - Panic
* New Order - Blue Monday
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
* Talking Heads - And She Was
Bananarama - Venus
The Killers - Somebody Told Me
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel / Route 66
Pulp - Disco 2000
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Siouxsie ATB - Peek A Boo
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Blondie - Call Me
* Hot, Hot Heat - Bandages
Dee Lite / New Order - Groove Is in the Heart / Bizarre Love Triangle mashup
* Modern English - Melt With You (remix)
Peter Schilling - Major Tom
Le Tigre - Deceptacon
* Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
The Primitives - Crash
Aha - Take On Me
* The Go Gos - We Got the Beat
* Devo - Whip It
* Nena - 99 Luft Balloons
* Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself
* The Jam - Town Called Malice
Violent Femmes - Prove My Love

* Violent Femmes - Blister In the Sun
* Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
* Always Something There To Remind Me (too lazy to get up and see who did this)
* B52s - Rock Lobster

Saturday, July 16, 2005

why, why, WHY!!!???

So, here I sit... bleary-eyed...

Woke up at 6:00 this morning.


this morning.

god damn it.

My brain decided to have a chat with me, which went a little something like this:

BRAIN: Um, e... you awake?

e: *sputter, cough* Huh, whu....

BRAIN: e... you 'wake, buddy? You sleepin' down there?

e: *one eye open* huh....???

BRAIN: Hey, I was just thinking... since you're awake and all... did you do all that paperwork you were telling me about last night?

e: trying to sleep... eyes not focusing...

BRAIN: Heh. Good one, e - no, but seriously. That whole paperwork thing. You know, cause I was just thinking about it, and I'm thinking that you really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY need to get up RIGHT NOW and take care of that.

e: *looks at clock* dude... 6am... shhhhhhh

BRAIN: Yeah, got it. Saw that. So yeah. Oh, and I'm thinking you might forget something this evening at Right Round, and fail miserably. I just figured I could tell you a little more about all of the things that might go wrong if you don't get up RIGHT NOW. Oh, and did I mention that you probably forgot to pay that Verizon bill that you told me about last week? Yeah, that and you might want to get a jump start on making signs for tonight. You'll need a merch sign, and a mailing list sign...

e: dude. got it. SHUT UP, wouldya?! *falling back to sleep*


e: huh?

BRAIN: HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY - LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN TO ME. Did you remember to write down that one mix you came up with last night? That was a good one, boss. I'm dying to sing that mix right now for you - over, and over, and over. Ready? Boom, bap, boom boom bap - then you come in on the 3 AND - boom a boom bap, boom boom boom bap. Remember? Heh heh. That was fun. I'm gonna sing that for you 500 more times now. Ready? Boom, bap, boom boom bap - then you come in on the 3 AND - boom a boom bap, boom boom boom bap. Ready? Boom, bap, boom boom bap - then you come in on the 3 AND - boom a boom bap, boom boom boom bap. Ready? Boom, bap, boom boom bap - then you come in on the 3 AND - boom a boom bap, boom boom boom bap.

e: OKAY, for GOD's SAKE - I'm UP. JEEZ....

BRAIN: You might want to think about taking a nap sometime today, by the way.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

oh. my. god.

Check this out:

Mind you, this may be offensive to some people - or some djs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I heart NY

I spent last weekend in New York. Boy was that fun!!!! No, seriously, I mean it! I had a good time. Andy was up there to take the first of 3 tests to become a master sommelier. For the uncultured among you, a sommelier is a wine steward. He's the guy who comes to your table and helps with the wine choices for your dinner. A MASTER sommelier is someone who actually can tell the conditions that the grapes were grown under, just by smelling the wine!!!! Très impressionnant, non ? Wanna know more about the test? Click here.

Anyhoo, we rode the train up on Saturday - and got to hear the guy behind us whine and bitch for the ENTIRE ride about how he not only didn't have enough proof of residency to register his car in Virginia, but that he lost the remote earpiece to his cell phone AND wasted $200 on train tickets. To top it off, of the 3, count 'em 3 people he told this story to, he yelled at 2 of them for trying to give him advice. YELLED. What a dick.

So yeah, got there on Saturday, wandered a bit in Greenwich Village, then met up with our pals Paul and Yalan for dinner at Lupa, a yummy Italian restaurant. Proceeded after that to stumble into a restaurant/bar we came upon called Otto afterward. Otto provided a really nice fishbowl in which one could observe the true meaning of "bridge and tunnel people". I mean, I know New York is one of the fashion capitals of the US, but come on, people??!!! Must you be such lemmings??!! From the "cammi tops" (I FRIGGIN HATE THAT TERM) to the white prairie skirts with the cowboy boots, I seriously thought I'd stepped into a stepford bar, where everyone was given the dress code beforehand. With as many collective tattoos as the 3 of us (not including Paul, who is bare) have, combined with our absolute BUBBLE when it comes to the trends of fashion, we were strangers in a strange land. I will say that the space was AMAZINGLY cool to look at, and their method of telling people when their reservations are is the neatest I've ever seen. I'll just leave it at that - go see them!

The next day, Andy was in class, so I scraped myself out of bed, and decided to go for a wander in SOHO, the Village, etc. Maybe do a little shopping, maybe get mommy a new pair of shoes... you know... the usual. SHA - freakin 'SPENSIVE. Call me a rube - but then read that comment above about being in a bubble. Anyway, I finally found the East Village, where I felt a bit more at home. St. Marks Place was like Sesame Street for punk kids. I bought jeans, a new pair of kewl black and white creepers, and a belt with a spinning 45 thingy as the belt buckle. I shit you not. HOT STUFF, I tell ya. Met up with Andy after his class, and we went over to WD 50 for dinner. Dudes. Vegetarian tasting menu (with seafood). That's all I'm going to say. Oh yeah - and FRIGGIN' GO THERE. It was wonderful. After a rather harrowing walk home (stupid high heels) we poured ourselves in to bed.

Got up and went to work from my company's NY office while Andy did the last day of his test. It was fairly uneventful - except that my darling man-friend PASSED!!!!

YAY ANDY!!! If you read the link above regarding the other 2 tests, you know that he has a LOT of work to do in order to get his final title, but he's doing amazingly well so far. I'll keep you posted!!!

So that was our NY adventure. I loved it. Really got a better sense of Manhattan than ever before. I would never leave my darling D of C, but it was fun to visit. Lemmings and all.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

CRASH - Setlist 7/6 (Featured Artist - Morrissey)

So, my dear friend and superstar bartender Joe was feeling poopy last night - what better way to cheer him up (or at least make him feel better about himself) than by playing a ton of Morrissey!

Here's the set - constructed like a nice warm musical blanky for my pallie:

The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
Suede - Animal Nitrate
ABBA - Take a Chance on Me
The Smiths - Girlfriend In a Coma
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
The Creatures - Fury Eyes
The Faint - Take Me to the Hospital
The Sugarcubes - Cold Sweat
The Animals - Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole
Book of Love - I Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)
Morrissey - Last of the Famous International Playboys
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Enon - Shoulder
The Cramps - Human Fly
Boney M - Daddy Cool
Soviet - Flaunt It
New Order - Shell Shock
The Smiths - Pretty Girls Make Graves
Peplab - Give 'Em A Call
OMD - Locomotion
Anything Box - When We Lie
Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka
The Las - There She Goes
Morrissey - Every Day Is Like Sunday
Miss Kittin - Rippin Kitten
Toploader - Dancing In the Moonlight
Erasure - Star
Kenna - Freetime
Undertones - Teenage Kicks
Kinks - You Really Got Me
Caesars - Jerk It Out
The Hollies - Bus Stop
Bravery - Fearless
Gang of Four - At Home He's a Tourist
Morrissey - You're the One for Me, Fatty
Tom Jones - It's not Unusual
They Might Be Giants - Ana Ng
The Church - The Unguarded Moment
Zombies - She's Not There
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Echo And the Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar
Blur - Song 2
The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Sisters of Mercy - Marianne
The Go Gos - We Got the Beat
Hot Hot Heat - Bandages
The Killers - Mr. Brightside
Pulp - Common People
Bloc Party - Banquet
The Strokes - Barely Legal
Elefant - Ester
Morrissey - Suedehead
Lush - Ladykillers
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
The Jam - Town Called Malice
New Order - Regret
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
B52s - Own Private Idaho
Kim Wilde - Kids In America
Ladytron - Deceptacon

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I do love my Independance

Dudes - good weekend!!!

Thursday Andy and I did a diving refresher course out at a pool near Sea Ventures, our dive shop. Mainly 'cause we're doing a couple of dive vacations (see below) but also 'cause we just bought new bcs (buoyancy compensators, for the uninitiated - thank you house re-fi!!!!), and new dive computers, and wanted to try both out in a VERY controlled environment. It was fun - gear worked well, and there's nothing quite as surreal as sitting on the bottom of a pool, looking up at people swimming.

Friday night, andy and I went over to the 9:30 Club, to see a screening of 930 F Street, - a REALLY kick ass documentary about the evolution of the 9:30 club. Loved it. Of course, Andy used to work at the old club for a few years, then at the new club for a year or so; so the people we know from there are like a 2nd family. Plus, we spent the better part of our formitave years going to matinees and shows at that place - so truthfully? I don't know if a person who doesn't get terms like "old club smell" would get it. But... that could be my "scenester" snobbery talking...

Saturday, not much going on. Kept working on knitting my pretty orange scarf, did some paperwork, putzed around the house. That's about it.

Sunday we went diving out at Millbrook Quarry. Totally fun, really chill - the weather was AWESOME - no humidity, 80 degrees, sunny with clouds. Made wearing the 7mm wet suit at least a little bearable. Anyway, we had a blast. The quarry is actually a diver's testing/practice spot. They've sunk a bi-plane, winnebago, school bus, writing desk, all kinds of stuff in there at varying depths that one can practice navigating to and diving around. It can be hard to see in there when there are tons of divers, kicking up silt. Plus it gets ass cold, I don't mind saying. But, A and I stayed at about 20-40 feet, and it was super fun. Even had some fishies tagging along with us for the dive. Came home and did a whole lot of NOTHING! Yeah.

All that diving is in prep for a trip up to Canadaland in August - we're heading up to visit some friends who are vacationing/living up there. In addition to trips to Vancouver and Waterloo to see each group, respectively, we're also diving in the St. Laurence river. It's apparently super clear, full of shipwrecks, and something like 70 degrees. I'll believe it when I'm there, of course...

Plus, we're going to Bonaire in Rocktober. Love the Bonaire. It's a little island in the Dutch Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) that's very, very easy to get to from our United States! It's boring as hell if you're not a scuba diver, but totally amazing if you are! There are something like 65 dive sites that are accessible from the shore - plus the water is super clear and 85 degrees, even at 110 feet - I know, I've been all the way down there!!! Aside from that, there are a few little restaurants and shops, but not much touristy stuff to do. You have to really like a whole lot of nothin' if you're not under the ocean.

For our 4th - I finished my scarf! I'll post a pic of it soon - it's very purty. Also started another one that's more of a purple gossamer thread. mmmm...fuzzy. Last night we headed up to b-more (as we've done for the last few years) to hang out and watch fireworks with J and Janet Robbins and friends. They were great company, as always, but I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with Baltimore's showing this year. Kinda lackluster. One highlight was when a neighbor's bottle rocket zoomed up and whizzed around J and Janet's roof deck. YIKES!!!

Came home and passed out to the sounds of neighborhood kids blowing stuff up. Bonus.