Monday, January 16, 2006

Mi Vida Loca

dudes... WHAT a weekend. Seriously.

Thursday night was Tinderbox at St. Ex - it was super fun - I played mostly dancehall and hiphop, with a couple of alternative hits thrown in for good measure. The "703" crowd seemed to like it, and I ended up a bit early, which was nice considering it was a school night.

I dj'd Right Round UP! on Friday night - attendance was around 400, which was super, super good on 3 weeks notice. I had one mega snafu with a new CD version of "love will tear us apart" which pretty much stopped DEAD on me right after the drum beats about 20 seconds into the song. I got back on track pretty quickly, and was even able to play a different version of the song eventually, but that will no doubt be the subject of my nightmares for the next few weeks. Other than that, I only had a few bizarre moments with various different peeps, but that's par for the course, I guess. Setlist on that one to come.

Saturday Andy and I picked up our nephew for the weekend, and took him to the Monster Jam, a monster truck rally at the MCI center. It was a total surprise to the Neph, which was too fun, since nobody in the family even KIND OF let it spill to him. He was just as crazy excited as a 9-year-old boy watching gigantic trucks crush cars and doing wheelie contests could possibly be, and of course the post-contest interviews with the drivers made the noise bearable for Andy & I. Particularly the following quote, from the former female professional wrestler turned monster truck driver, Madusa, "you know, going from professional wrestling to monster trucks, I know I choosed right in my life". I swear to all that's holy, that is a direct quote. I have to say, considering we got home from the black cat around 4:00am, and were in bed by 5:00, up by 10:30, and at the MCI center by 2:00 - complete with raging hangovers - we did pretty well. Saturday night we spent the evening watching the Redskins game - my nephew's idea, not mine (what kind of Auntie would I be if I told my little budding Cal Ripken that I thought sports were stupid) and teaching Neph to juggle - which of course his coordinated little ass picked up in 4 hours.

Sunday Neph and I dropped Uncle off at work and headed back to his house, where I spent a chill afternoon with my in-laws. Yeah.

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