Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So you wanna get a tattoo?

We went to the Richmond Tattoo Convention waaaaay back in November. Andy wanted to get a tattoo from Bugs, this total badassed french fellow who has a very painterly style. Initially, Andy's intention was to get a piece about the size of the bottom of a highball glass. Au contrair, mon freir!! I believe the entire process took about 5-6 hours, start to finish, which is pretty stellar when you check out the size of that sucker (and note that the "nipple" portion of the piece took a good solid 40 minutes...yikes)

Here are some pics to show you the process from beginning to end.

Here's what a tattoo looks like in the beginning, when it's just a stencil and pen - pre needles:

the lil' stars on Bugs' head were what Andy stared at for 5 + hours...

my fella in Bugs' booth - please note the oh-so-comfortable chairs

that hurts, by the way. A lot.

At this point, blackwork is pretty much done, rose is more or less done, mantis is 1/2 done:

believe it or not, this is not complete:

see all the pretty colors done outside of the flower and mantis? Now it's done. done and done.

If you'd like to see the masters behind our madness, here they are. Bugs and Miss Dee, who does the majority of our work (and whose husband, the incomparable tattoo artist Mike Dassen, is in the background makin' with the bunny ears...)

So yeah. That's all, folks!


AJ said...

I find it hilarious that Bugs starts off with his shirt on. Then, suddenly in the next pic he's nekkid from the waist up.

Bram said...

Welcome back . . . as if on cue, ran across this article on tattoo conventions.

Waiting for the blonde pix . . .