Monday, March 27, 2006


Don't know if you all saw the Sunday Source yesterday, but boy was I surprised to see 2 nice big pics of my very own mug featured prominently with a really nice article by one of my favorite DC djs, Selector Seth, aka Seth Hamblin.

AND (not to be a giant spaz...) I was mentioned BEFORE one of my Indie heroes - fellow dj and rockstar Bob Mould. Wowie indeed.


Bram said...

Wait — didn't Dave and I guarantee that "Desire" would be a huge hit?

dj lil'e said...

Hey yeah..... thanks ever so much. But seriously, you know that part in thriller movies where everything starts to get creepy and weird, then goes horribly awry? That's kinda what happens. The evening just never seems to recover - not even when you play the great 12" version.