Saturday, April 01, 2006

DJ lil'e - Media hooore

so there was another pic of yours truly in the Weekend section of the Post - I was over at Vegetate, the super duper new veggie restaurant that just opened in Shaw (right around the corner from my humble abode too - bonus!) I was lusting over the brand spankin' new 'tables that are positioned in the upstairs portion of the restaurant (and, by the way, I've never actually seen a room more delightfully focused around a HUGE dj setup, courtesy of the super uber nice DJ Dredd - yayeeee), when this fella snapped a picture, asked me my name, told me he was from the Post, and kept snappin'. I wasn't sure what it was for, but it turns out that they did a huge story about the woes that this restaurant is having getting it's liquor license.

It's sad, there's a church rather close by who is keeping them from maintaining said license by citing this stupid-assed law about houses of sin, oh, I mean "restaurants" that serve liquor, being within 400 feet of a church. I think the proximity is something like 362 feet.

I could rant and rave about this, but instead I used the link on Vegetate's site to write to councilmember Jack Evans, and voice my dissatisfaction with this dumassyness (and yes, I did use my grownup voice...). Let's hope the peeps can prevail on this one.

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