Saturday, May 20, 2006


So, I have this dream. It's the most privatest dream I have, and I've had it for some years now. I think that only Andy knows about it. It's not a dream where I'm in an ice cream factory being chased by a purple monster who suddenly turns into a roller skate while I eat a hamburger - it's more a dream of the mental place I'd like to be in someday.

I won't share until it happens, but it makes me feel at total peace to even muse on it in my head.

I think of this (oddly) because I saw David Blaine's Fearless last night. I swear that man has tapped into the parts of his mind that none of us use. Whether all of his tricks are complete illusion, or the man is a modern-day shaman, I'm actually more interested in A) the way he engages people. The man seems to be able to connect on a mental level with any and every person he meets. and B) the meditative feats he accomplishes, such as fasting for 44 days, holding his breath for upwards of 9 minutes, all of it. Listening to him talk about the mental and physical preparation it takes is pretty ridiculously fascinating stuff, imho.

Andy and I were completely captivated by the mind-reading that he did. There was one card trick he did in New Orleans on a girl who, after seeing the trick, seemed to have a silent, minutes-long conversation with him on a totally mental level. He spoke a few of his feelings verbally to her, but they seriously communicated without speaking. I get very creeped out thinking about it.

Now, I'm not saying that I want to be able to bite a coin in half or levitate or read minds or anything, but to free my mind to tap into its potential would be stunning beyond belief. I have my dream in my sights - stay tuned for more details.

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