Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The prom!

The Anti Prom was last Saturday - it was definitely the best turnout we've had in the 3 years we've done it. About 500 peeps showed up - many dressed up, some not. We had Killa K spin for the first 30 minutes, then Mellie Mel for the next 30, Craig from Baltimore's Underground party did the next 30 minutes, then Steve EP and I did the last 3+ hours.

The dancing fools were in rare form - only one argument was with someone who INSISTED (when I refused to play it) that 'I Touch Myself' by the Divinyls came out in the 80s. Actually it was 1991. I looked it up. So there. Plus that song sucks. Double so there.

Overall, it was very cool - it's a great challenge to have to trade off with someone else, not knowing what they were going to play. Definitely was a greatest hits kind of night - made me think that I need to dig a little deeper for the next RR.

Anyway, I'll get some pix up here asap. Yay!

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