Thursday, July 20, 2006

I can't possibly be that old.

During the last year or so, I've randomly run into people from a small group of friends I had in elementary school. We were a handfull of kids who were always spearheading creative projects like skits and plays, doing gifted & talented classes together, and generally geeking out in the way that only 10-12 year olds can do. At the end of elementary school, we were all tested to go on to a magnet school for the arts, and were all subsequently selected. 3 people went, 2 didn't - I was part of the latter group. I was going through some fairly traumatic family issues, and the thought of going somewhere totally different for school was too much for my 11-year-old brain to handle.

So, off my friends went, and that was pretty much the last I saw of them. We lost touch, as you do - over the years my thoughts have drifted back to them often. They were such a funny, interesting, bright group of kids; I just knew they were all out in the world, doing something amazing. Anyway, I've had the good fortune to run into 3 of the 4 people in the last couple of years - one is a homemaker, living very close to the town we grew up in with her husband and 2 lovely children, and the other is living in Scotland, getting her masters in something having to do with public service (my brain's like a collander... what can I say...?), and the other is a stage actress who just made her screen debut in a short indie film. I still did wonder where that 4th person was from time to time - until I found him yesterday!

I found him via his sister's myspace page, oddly enough. We emailed for the better part of the evening - exchanged pics of ourselves, our life-partners-in-crime, and our pets, and generally caught up on the last 20 years. He is most certainly living up to his end of the creative bargain as an accomplished screenwriter. He has a wife and a dog, lives in LA, and has continued to perpetuate the legacy of hilarity that lives in my brain, anyway. Age has been remarkably kind to us both, thank goodness. I tried thinking of the awkward, gangly, braces-wearing, perm-having kid I was back then, and looked at the photos I sent, wondering if he was just as amazed as I was by the grown-ups we've all become.

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