Friday, July 07, 2006

mashing my brains out

Right - so the mashup party is exactly 21 days away at this point, and I am... well, I'm terrified, frankly. It's getting some interesting attention, and I'm pretty excited about the idea of doing it, but here are my fears:

1) That nobody will show up
2) That I won't have enough material
3) That nobody will show up
4) That I'll play something with hip hop mashed in, and everybody will leave
5) That nobody will show up

Look, I know that everything but #4 is completely ludicrous - and even #4 might be a little silly, but my tummy does a super duper flippity flop whenever I think about it. UGH and a half.

Okay, so all of that said, I have a little secret:

all of the mashups A & I have done so far are really, really, REALLY good.

seriously. I'm not just saying that.

We've basically been working non-stop for the last 4 weeks to get stuff together, and between his musical / drumming background and my penchant for tunes that make one want to shake one's derrier, it's actually been working out much better than planned. So far we have 6 original mashups, which I don't even want to name here, cause it'll ruin the surprise! Also, my dear, sweet, amazing wonderful coworker burned me a CD with about 7 hours of mashups that she's collected on it. Yessssss!!!

But yeah, the composting of beats, hooks, melodies, vocals, breaks and the like has been invigorating, and is truly making me feel the need to rethink future a bit... hmmm...

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