Friday, September 22, 2006

random thoughts

Today's my last day as a permanent day job employee. From here, I'm taking yet another week off, and will resume work on a part-time basis in October. The little daydream scenario I mentioned a couple of months back is slowly starting to come to pass, and I'm thrilled. So, that said, here are my random thoughts of the day:

- Kate Bosworth needs to eat a samich. Or be the toothpick in a samich....
- Promised You A Miracle by Simple Minds is a brilliant song that is currently wedged in my noggin
- I need a new pair of creepers to go with this punk rock pink cheetah print bag I just bought. The fuzzier, the better (size 9, in case you were wondering)
- The drunk guy in china who jumped into the giant panda enclosure to give Gu Gu the panda a hug should be given another 4 more beers and a frontal labotomy
- Dave Navarro wants to be Prince
- Stingrays need love too!
- I am affirming for a pair of extra long skinny jeans in black and blue that don't cost $200 (I have 36" inseams - clothing these gams is not easy)

- It would be really funny to walk out of your house and see Boy George picking up your trash. Probably not so funny to him, though...

Think that's everything...

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jana said...

congrats on the new employment- im am raising a glass of something in your honor! do email with the specifics.