Thursday, December 28, 2006

I just flew back from the Carribbean...

...and boy are my arms tired.




Yes, between gigundous, hideous, ridiculous plumbing problems in my century-plus-old house, the fella and I managed to get out of Dodge this xmas with our pals Ed & Olga and go kick it in Bonaire for yet another year. There will be pictures from Olga at some point here - keep checking back and look for the ones that say Bonaire under them.

I am tanner than I should be - the kind of tan that my mother will say makes me look healthy, and my friends will say makes me look sick, but what can I say? That's what 7 days in direct sun will do to an e, you know? Weather was amazing, and I'm missing it terribly - 90 out of the water, 82 - 84 in. Ugh. Did the pilot really say it was 34 degrees in Washington????

We had some amazing dives - got to see 2 spotted eagle rays, couple of sea turtles, countless sea horses, couple cool starfishes, some REALLY cool rainbow parrotfishes that must have been 3 feet long, sheesh - tons of stuff. We did 2 cool night dives, one at Salt Pier, and one at Town Pier. All in all, we did about 3-4 shore dives a day, then A & I rested with a margarita by the ocean in the evenings (at least, the ones where we weren't diving...)

One particularly oddball highlight (especially when taken out of context), was with one of the more interesting fish I've ever seen in person; Captain Don of Captain Don's Habitat (there are 2 pics of The Captain back there - one on "captain" and one on "don" - yes, that is a wooden peg leg. He also sometimes rocks an eye patch. no shit). Every so often, the resort has a "meet the captain" cocktail reception, where he comes and meets people staying there, etc. Now, I will grant you that The Captain has done tremendous things for Bonaire - basically spearheading efforts to save and protect the reefs for the last 40 years, that kind of stuff. But talking to him one-on-one is definitely an experience.

After telling me that I look very young in a way that made me feel like excusing myself and hiding in my closet, he said to me (and I quote, verbatim) "So, I've become very interested in the study of getinal mutilization lately."

No, that is not a typo. The man said "getinal". He also said "mutilization". Just thought I'd point that out...

Um, first five minutes of meeting this complete stranger, and he brings up genital mutilation... oh, sorry - "getinal mutilization". Andy and I COULD. NOT. LOOK. AT. EACH. OTHER. He went on to tell me all about his internet girlfriend and the MANY naked pictures he's gotten of her full-body tattoos, all kinds of stuff. Certainly one of the more intimate conversations I've ever had with a complete stranger. Andy and I later agreed that we were super excited to meet The Captain - until he started speaking. Then we both felt like the cat in the Pepe Le Pew cartoons - struggling to be free.

All of that aside, I reflect back, and can truly only focus on the bliss of completely floating, soundless, 60 feet under water - it is an unequalled calm in my life, and one I wish to repeat as soon as humanly possible.

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