Monday, December 18, 2006

yeah, I know - another quiz

Dude - I've had literally the worst week when it comes to depressing kid stuff. Last night a gentleman Andy and I know told us that his adorable little grandson drowned in a community swimming pool last july. How fucked up is that?

Anyway, it's been a truly odd and sad winter for this DJ. So, instead of gettin all down and things, I'm gonna do a quiz.

I know - worst. segue. ever.

This one is called the 100 question quiz:

100. First off, what's your name? I'm not tellin
99. Why were you named that? cause I'm friggin cool.
98. Who is your best friend? duh. andy.
97. Do you have any siblings? 3 crazy sisters
96. Are your parents together/divorced/separated? divorced/remarried
95. Favorite color? black to wear, orange to look at
94.whos your favorite NFL star? what's an NFL star again?
93. What does the 7th message in your text inbox on your phone say? Okay, verbatim it literally says, "Rod is a frickin idiot.Got the sound working but I have hiss in the lower 2. He had some bad cords. If I keep music flowing, it's not 2 bad. 2 long 4 me 2 replace." Cryptic? I think yes.
92. What about the 13th? "Sweet!"
91. Who sits behind you in 4th period? HUH?
90. Who sits to the left? Stupid question #2. You get an F
89. Where is your mom right now? I dunno. Probably asleep
88. Do you have any kids? hells no
87. Who is the 5th person you got a missed call from? the aforementioned moms
86. Closest black object. clothes on my back
85. Closest silver object. my bling
84. Have you ever jumped a fence running from a cop?no
83. Do you sing in the shower? Yes, but it's usually something reeeeallly annoying
82. Do you own any pets? froggies
81. How does your hair look right now? adorable. pshaw.
80. Last time you listened to country music? week ago or less
79. Have you ever been to a concert? Jesus, who made this quiz?
78. If you could kill someone, who? Joey Lauren Adams for her FUCKING voice alone
77. What are your fears? clowns and fingernails
76. Do you still pee your pants? um, exsqueeze me? baking powder?
75. What do you hear right now? Andy shuffling about
74. How many drugs are in your system right now? depends on what you consider "drugs"
73. What kind of drunk are you? happy & sleepy
72. What are you wearing? clothes
71. Last person you commented? I assume this is some sort of internet speak I'm not privy to...?
70. Do you sing? um, didn't we already talk about this? The shower knows my bad musical secrets.
69. Since we're on the number, have you ever 69ed? nice, dirty pants!
68. Screamo or Country? cookie monster death metal (it's called Arch Enemy - look into it)
67. Rock or Rap? yes
66. Last person you sent naked pictures to? nobody never
65. Who did you last call? Andy. Again with the obvious questions
64. Who last called you? Mellie Mel
63. What jewelry do you wear daily? A bracelet that my grandmother's uncle gave her when she was 13 and my wedding ring
62. Are you happy right now? pretty much
61. Who did you last say you loved? that aforementioned fella o' mine
60. Would you die for someone? without question
59. If so, who? my man-friend and the 4 little bubs my sisters gave to me
58. Who wants to hang out with you tonight? everybody - duh.
57. What do you smell right now? some french spirit that Andy's drinkin.
56. Do you have to pee right now? no
55. What did you do last night? got pleasantly drunk at a party where the host served unbelievably good wine
54. What are you doing today? chillin' like bob dylan
51. Do you cuss? fuck yeah, beeeeotch
50. Bedsheet color. grey
49. Wall color. purple
48.What is your moms name? Robin
47. Do you cut yourself? only when I open envelopes - icky
45. Do you have makeup on right now? yes
43. Are you shy? believe it or not, horribly
42. Your hero? Danny Elfman
41. Last alcoholic beverage you consumed? wine
40. Favorite ice cream? rice dream mint chocolate chip
39. Have you ever layed with a member of the opposite sex? I'm starting to be convinced this was made by a 12 year old in North Dakota or something...
38. America or Canada? blame Canada
37. What makes you mad? see question #78. Girls with annoying voices make me crazy.
36. What if you found out you were adopted? My whole life would make a lot more sense
35. Jeans or Sweatpants? jeans
34. Do you like guys/girls with short or shaggy hair? don't give a crap
33. Name 6 things in your room? andy, our couch, froggies, dorkin comic panel, godspeedyoublackemperor poster, portraits of our old car Lil Moses
32. Do you have socks on? yes
31. Do you own any big sunglasses? totally - andy says I look like a sleestack
29. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? I was a goth girl - wtf do you think?
28. Black or White? black
27. Hollister or Hot Topic? tripp
25. Last time you were at Buffalo Wild Wings? haven't eaten meat for about 8 years
24. Do you miss anyone right now? Mr. Phil
23. Do you ever use sarcasm? no, never
22. Have you ever went to school without makeup? um, I think you mean 'gone'.
21. Are you a good singer? dude - what the hell is it with you and the friggin singing???
20. Do you love Jesus? um... could you ask me another question about singing?
19. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? of course
18. Do you go to church? never
17. Do you shower naked? exactly what do they do in North Dakota outside of singing, loving Jesus and showering with clothes on?
16. Ever talked on the phone all night? when I was a kid
15. What grade are you in? a millionth
14. LFO or Otown? if I knew what they were, I'm sure I might have an opinion
13. Do you speak any other languages? fairly terrible spanish
12. What day is it? monday
10. Do you love your friends? I love my friends and all my friends are in love
09. Are you in a band. yes - believe it or not, I'm in a death metal band with Andy and another friend of ours called Fuchida. You will worship Fuchida.
08. Do you like your music loud or soft? loud when I wanna rock out, soft when I don't
07. First female name you think of. jane
06. First male name you think of. dexter
05. What were you doing an hour ago? cleaning out my closet
04. Last beverage drank? still drinking - glass of wine
03. What is your current worry? hot water heater dying and flooding the house before we have it replaced tomorrow
02. What is your eye color? brownish goldish
01. i dont really care. Okay, so I have a question for you, then. Do they HAVE stuff to do in North Dakota aside from bollocks quizzes?

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