Monday, July 31, 2006

Mash-up link

Get all of my mash-ups here:

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I'm not sure why I'm up this early, but here we are...

Assesment of Right Round Mash-UP? Smashing, simply smashing. I had a blast, the kids had a blast, they cheered at all the right times, laughed at all the right times, danced their fool asses off - it was perfection. I got in quite a bit of trouble for going over by 15 minutes (which surprised me - the getting in trouble part, that is, since I almost always have quite a bit of latitude...). That's probably why I'm sitting here at 8:30 in the morning, unable to shut my head off. That's what makes me the obsessive freak that I am about doing everything perfectly, I guess! Ah, well - what can you do??

Anyhow, here's the setlist - it's a little weird, cause in some cases I don't have the details on the original component songs (I'll put them in where I have or can remember them) - but peeps who must know should be able to Google them or something, and figure out what's what. I'll put the ones I did in bold type, and "**"s by my favorites, so you'll know what to look for if you want to download any of this stuff for your own self!

DJ Earworm - Stairway to Bootleg Heaven (Dolly Parton vs. Eurythmics vs. Pat Benetar)
Party Ben - Independant Room (Fugazi vs. Destiny's Child)
DJ Circle A - Come to Mother (Fatboy Slim vs. Led Zeppelin vs. The Beatles)
** Unknown - Let it Be Me (The Beatles vs. Shaggy)
Unknown - An Acquired Tate
DJ Earworm - No One Takes Your Freedom (Scissor Sisters vs. The Beatles [again] vs. Aretha Franklin vs. George Michael)
Arty Fufkin - Been Caught Stealing Your Rump (Jane's Addiction vs. The Beastie Boys)
MTV MAshups - Smells Like Song 2 (Nirvana vs. Blur)
Bootie - Comfortable Holiday (Scissor Sisters vs. Madonna)
** Team 9 - don't know the song title at this moment...
Party Ben - Let's Talk To Me, Let's Dance (Hot Hot Heat vs. David Bowie)
Party Ben - Fascinated by Gold (Yeah Yeah Yeahs vs. Company B)
Dean Grey - Boulevard of Broken Songs [dance mix] (Green Day vs. Oasis)
Unknown - No More Pressure (Annie Lennox vs. David Bowie)
CHAOS Productions - MIA in Funkytown (MIA vs. Lipps Inc)
The Drunkard - Chewing Gum [bubble pop mix] (Annie vs. Bubblegum Machine)
DJ Earworm - Something Going on With My 7 Nation Army (White Stripes vs. someone I can't remember...)
Dean Grey - Dr. Who on Holiday (Green Day with Dr. Who Themesong)
Soft Cell - Tainted Love (where did our love go 12")
Unknown - Sanctuary's Over (The Cult vs. The Doors)
DJ Riko - Whistler's Delight (various)
** CHAOS Productions - Rapture Riders (Blondie vs. The Doors)
DJ lil'e - Big Time Groove (Bjork vs. Madonna)
DJ lil'e - Groove is in the Heart of Glass (Dee Lite vs. Blondie)
** Local Boy - Owner of a Lonely Heart vs. Thriller
DJ lil'e - Relax Your Jaws (Frankie Goes to Hollywood vs. John Williams)
DJ lil'e - Prince and Tom Jones Kiss (Prince vs. Tom Jones. duh)
Unknown - Go Toxic (Yaz vs. Brittney Spears)
DJ Krys - Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head (New Order vs. Kylie Minogue)
Party Ben - Somebody Rock Me (The Killers vs. The Clash)
DJ Nite - Jerk Girls Out (Caesars vs. Duran Duran)
** Thriftshop XL - Do You Wanna, Cause it's Tricky My Sherona (this one should be obvious...)
DJ Earworm - We Need A Filthy War (Fisherspooner vs. Scissor Sisters)
** A + D - An Honest MIA (MIA vs. the Bravery)
DJ lil'e - Our House of Jealous Lovers (Madness vs. The Rapture)
Bass 211 - Don't You Want the Time (Human League vs. Benny Benassi)
** Bass 211 - Techno Attack (Daft Punk vs. The Faint)
** DJ Earworm - Don't Mess with Orgasmatron (Eurythmics vs. Avenue D vs. Mousse T vs. Anthony Rother)
DJ lil'e - You Spin Me Behind the Wheel (Dead or Alive vs. Depeche Mode)
DJ Brat - Dreaming In Your Sleep [brat mix] - (Depeche Mode vs. The Romantics)
DJ lil'e - I'm Too Sexy to Set it Off (Peaches vs. Right Said Fred)
** CHAOS Productions - My Other Car Is a Beatle (L'Trimm vs. Armand Van Helden vs. Gary Numan vs. The Beatles) - I mixed this one with 1/2 of the original Gary Numan track, just cause I love the transition so much
DJ lil'e - She Blinded Me With Weird Science (Oingo Boingo vs. Thomas Dolby)
** Party Ben - Hung Up On Soul (Death Cab for Cutie vs. Madonna)
DJ lil'e - Tubular Boys (Book of Love vs. Blur)
DJ lil'e - A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Erasure vs. Aretha)
** Party Ben - Cats Disappear (The Faint vs. The Cure)
** A+D - Love Will Tear You Apart (She Wants Revenge vs. Joy Division vs. Bauhaus)
DJ Defekt - Just A Forrest (Fisherspooner vs. The Cure)
CHAOS Productions - Sri Lanka High (MIA vs. The Ramones)
** CHAOS Productions - Are You Gonna Be My Animal (Jet vs. The Muppets)
DJ lil'e - Come on, Take Me Out Eileen (Franz Ferdinand vs. Dexy's Midnight Runners)
** DJ Earworm - Policy of Sweet Dreams (Depeche Mode vs. Eurythmics)
Divide & Kreate - Sweet Jacqueline (Eurythmics vs. Franz Ferdinand)
DJ lil'e - Domo Arigato, Mr. Brightside (Styx vs. The Killers)
DJ lil'e - London Call Me In A Panic (The Clash vs. Blondie vs. The Smiths)

ENCORE (this is what I got in trouble for, so i hope you all danced your asses off...)
James - Laid
New Order - Temptation
Violent Femmes - Prove My Love

WHEW - that's everything. I'll have my original mp3s posted somewhere - I'll put a link in here somewhere for those who care!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

34 hours and counting...

The set is done. The last hour is spectacular [sound of e patting herself on the back]

The giveaway CDs are being burned. The CD covers still need to be designed.

The DJ is a quivering mass of nerves - but in a good way.

The nightmares still have yet to begin. Thank god.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out. Knowing what I know now, and of course depending on how the turnout is for this one, I'm definitely thinking that I'll do other Mash-UP! parties on the Main Stage in future. This whole thing has spawned a whole new avenue of thinking in my noggin - which is good, cause I do feel constantly, almost ridiculously, driven to push myself to the next level.

For now, much like the proverbial sugarplumbs, I have visions of grander schemes, mashups and remixes [sound of e rubbing hands together below the sound of an almost inaudible "moahahaha"] dancing in my head.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Today would have been the 35th birthday of our Mr. Phil. 20 or so of us will be gathering at his favorite restaurant tonight with his girlfriend Puck to help her get through it. You know, it's so weird - it's been about 9 months now since he died so fucking senselessly, and I still burst into tears every time I think of that big lug.

There are some wonderful photos of him at Puck's flickr account. Here are a couple of my faves:

Also, I saw this one, which is a concrete skateboard that someone made to commemorate him. It says "SOB" at the top, but also Never Forget and Mr. Phil:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Phil. We miss you, love you, and try to live your example every day.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


am losing my mind. freaking out. getting the fear.

that's all... it'll pass.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I can't possibly be that old.

During the last year or so, I've randomly run into people from a small group of friends I had in elementary school. We were a handfull of kids who were always spearheading creative projects like skits and plays, doing gifted & talented classes together, and generally geeking out in the way that only 10-12 year olds can do. At the end of elementary school, we were all tested to go on to a magnet school for the arts, and were all subsequently selected. 3 people went, 2 didn't - I was part of the latter group. I was going through some fairly traumatic family issues, and the thought of going somewhere totally different for school was too much for my 11-year-old brain to handle.

So, off my friends went, and that was pretty much the last I saw of them. We lost touch, as you do - over the years my thoughts have drifted back to them often. They were such a funny, interesting, bright group of kids; I just knew they were all out in the world, doing something amazing. Anyway, I've had the good fortune to run into 3 of the 4 people in the last couple of years - one is a homemaker, living very close to the town we grew up in with her husband and 2 lovely children, and the other is living in Scotland, getting her masters in something having to do with public service (my brain's like a collander... what can I say...?), and the other is a stage actress who just made her screen debut in a short indie film. I still did wonder where that 4th person was from time to time - until I found him yesterday!

I found him via his sister's myspace page, oddly enough. We emailed for the better part of the evening - exchanged pics of ourselves, our life-partners-in-crime, and our pets, and generally caught up on the last 20 years. He is most certainly living up to his end of the creative bargain as an accomplished screenwriter. He has a wife and a dog, lives in LA, and has continued to perpetuate the legacy of hilarity that lives in my brain, anyway. Age has been remarkably kind to us both, thank goodness. I tried thinking of the awkward, gangly, braces-wearing, perm-having kid I was back then, and looked at the photos I sent, wondering if he was just as amazed as I was by the grown-ups we've all become.

oh my.

Shame I don't ever want children. This is my niece Gabi and her cousin Malo, getting "married" at their grandparents home in Alsace, France:

You've really got to love the French - not only for having top hats around to play dress-up with, but also the uncanny ability to perfectly accessorize!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

churning and burning

The mash-ups are flying out of my brains. This makes me happy. Currently I'm working on one that may just whip the kids into a frenzy of epic proportions. yay.

I am giving myself 4 more days to TCOB before it's time to start compiling the set - that will probably be a harder job than actually composing the mash-ups themselves.

I'm also happy to report that the dj nightmares have yet to begin, thanks be to god. They will come, make no mistake, but as yet I've had none. Typically it's something like the power going out when I'm on the other side of the room, or my CD players dying or some such nonsense. I'm such a worrier. blegch...

ah well, back to work.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Just finished a mashup called "She Blinded Me with Weird Science" this morning. It is the bomb diggity, as the kids are saying....

Okay, just cause I'm never good at keeping a secret, here are the names of the other ones I've done so far:

*Prince and Tom Jones Kiss
*London Called Me In A Panic
*Our House of Jealous Lovers
*Groove is in the Heart of Glass
*Tubular Boys

There are a few others, but that's just a taste... moahahahahaha

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

true story

Got into a cab the other night - there was already someone in there, which normally irritates the living shit out of me (but let's be honest, what DOESN'T irritate the living shit out of me...???), however in this case it was 2:30 in the morning, I was going a couple of blocks out of my way, and I was too tired to argue the fact.

Anyhoo, long story short, I thanked the person for sharing the cab, and they said, "I know who you are..."

I'm not kidding when say that I actually looked back over my shoulder to see who this person was talking to. Ummm... it was me. Yeah.

Apparently the person has been coming to Right Round for years. It was a nice conversation, even though my end of it consisted of a lot of uncomfortable throat clearing noises. According to one of my close friends, I should learn to take a compliment and be gracious and enthusiastic about it, but I can't help feeling shrink-wrapped during such exchanges for some reason. Eh, it's my own brain at work, no doubt.

Friday, July 07, 2006

mashing my brains out

Right - so the mashup party is exactly 21 days away at this point, and I am... well, I'm terrified, frankly. It's getting some interesting attention, and I'm pretty excited about the idea of doing it, but here are my fears:

1) That nobody will show up
2) That I won't have enough material
3) That nobody will show up
4) That I'll play something with hip hop mashed in, and everybody will leave
5) That nobody will show up

Look, I know that everything but #4 is completely ludicrous - and even #4 might be a little silly, but my tummy does a super duper flippity flop whenever I think about it. UGH and a half.

Okay, so all of that said, I have a little secret:

all of the mashups A & I have done so far are really, really, REALLY good.

seriously. I'm not just saying that.

We've basically been working non-stop for the last 4 weeks to get stuff together, and between his musical / drumming background and my penchant for tunes that make one want to shake one's derrier, it's actually been working out much better than planned. So far we have 6 original mashups, which I don't even want to name here, cause it'll ruin the surprise! Also, my dear, sweet, amazing wonderful coworker burned me a CD with about 7 hours of mashups that she's collected on it. Yessssss!!!

But yeah, the composting of beats, hooks, melodies, vocals, breaks and the like has been invigorating, and is truly making me feel the need to rethink future a bit... hmmm...

media hoooore, once again

Check it:

I particularly like the part where I attribute my success to my inability to sit still...