Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ciao - the aftermath

Waking up this morning I can honestly say that I feel worse today than I felt yesterday. This flu of mine is just raging like a fiend, and won't release me. It truly sucks.

Last night was odd - I wasn't sure what to expect between it being the first Friday after New Year's Eve, and the competition of both the 9:30 club and the Black Cat. Aside from that, I went into the gig worried about my health more than anything (and praising DC for banning cigarrettes - sorry to all of you smokers out there), as I still had a fever of 101 when I left the house last night.

The folks at the Rock N Roll hotel were awesome - super nice, really helpful - it's a great place to play, should you ever find yourself in need of such a thing. However, considering I started at 9:30 and was supposed to go until 2:30, I wasn't entirely sure that I'd make it through the night.

In spite of the fact that I thought the music was great, turnout was not so great. And don't get me wrong, I REALLY appreciated all of the folks who came out to support me, and I hope I didn't piss them off too much when I pulled the plug at 1am. Frankly my dears, I just had to take my health and the turnout into account and, as Kenny Rogers so rightly said, I had to know when to fold 'em. Seeing how I'm feeling today, I know I made the right call.

I am not thwarted from trying this night out again - I just may take a little time to figure out where and when I'll do it. Setlist may follow, depending on how motivated I feel later today.

Now, back to bed with me.

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