Monday, January 15, 2007

RIP to my teeny wee froggie

Over the weekend Giaccometti, the 2nd of my 3 white's tree frogs died. The first frog, Bobafet, died in November. So far we've had them for 9 years - who knows how old they really are.

In a world of dogs and cats, I know the idea of owning a frog as a pet may seem silly to some, but Andy and I really love our froggies - they're low maintenance, funny to look at, and just cool, different pets. So, pardon me as I walk down memory lane for a sec, here...

We had one big old White's named Chow a couple of years before these 3 - he was a sweet, big fat frog, and we loved him. He would sit on your shoulder all day, loved being held, and was just fun as a pet. He got incredibly sick a couple of years into us having him (I even took him to the vet for surgeries, that's how much we loved the wee hopper), but to no avail. After Chow died, I got Sinatra, the first of the 3 new White's. I bought Bobafet 2nd, cause he was wee teeny and cute, and got Giaccometti third. Giac had a little club foot, and I figured nobody would want him. Andy told me no more frogs after that (or else I guess I would've filled the house, who knows...)

Anyway, I feel awfully bad for poor Sinatra, who is now all alone. We haven't heard him bark yet, which is what they do when they're looking for other frogs, but he hasn't moved from the spot he was sitting when Giac died, either.

Anyway, we'll miss his little club foot and his chirpy-ness, and how funny and shy he was. The pic below isn't any of our frogs, but is a picture of what the breed looks like - how can you not love that cuteness???

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