Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another "AWWWW"

My darling pal Varja sent me this great pic of the 2 of us from my trip to Bristol, England a couple of months ago:

I cannot express in words how much this picture means to me - V and I have been friends for... I dunno... 18 years now??? God, seems improbable, but so does high school from my perspective at the moment...

Anyway, from then to now, in all the places we've lived and all the things we've done, from age 15 until however old we are in the moment, every time I see her it's like no time has passed. I wish that she and Maarten and however many extraordinarily tall babies they have together would just see what a cultural mecca DC is and move here, but I guess they're happier in their teensy hamlet of Bristol... (I kid because I love, my daaaaaahling).

For her entertainment and nobody elses, here are some of my very favorite private jokes/thingies between us:

- umm... Velveeta and Chiquita, duh
- robot monster
- squishy the brain
- the way she dances like a panther
- rolling down a hill backwards whilst playing the letter game
- sneaking out to do stupid crap
- my car
- mikey's house
- peeeeeetahhhhhh murphy
- smoking cigarettes upon rolling out of bed
- countless other mixed tapes, passed notes, and any other things I've forgotten...

Anyway, to my favorite-ist girl child, I miss you always and terribly, and hope we can see each other again soon!!!!


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