Thursday, February 15, 2007

The End of An [Admittedly, Smelly] Era

So, I braved the great sheet of ice outside my door last night to go to the 9:30 club and see The Whips (who kicked much ass, might I add). From there, I skated over to the Black Cat to see Chad America and pals spin the anti-Valentine's day party - but that's actually not what I wanted to talk about; it simply helps to further emphasize my point.

No more 9:30 Club smell.

No more being able to olfactorally (if that's even a word...) know what you wore out last week. No more considering wearing those same pants out so that you won't smell up another pair, for that matter.

I do believe that "the smell", as it came to be known by 9:30 club regulars, has diminished over time - obviously the smoking ban has a lot to do with that, but perhaps, in addition, the new club found other cleaning products that didn't smell like whatever that old friggin product smelled like, got kids out the door pre-vomit, and started promoting more acts for whom toilet useage might have been the norm - who can say? All I know is that I could actually conceivably wear the outfit I wore last night to my JOB today, and nobody would be the wiser...

I know peeps were worried about the smoking ban ruining business, but as Andy says, "dude, as long as there are chicks and booze, guys'll be there." but I digress...

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