Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do I love ye punk rockers?

Let me count the ways!

You may or may not remember this posting I did about the wee Mr. Callum Zachary Robbins - son of our dear friends J and Janet Robbins. Little Cal is a totally delightful child still, I'm happy to report - he's doing amazingly well, despite his very uncertain condition, and is a joy to be around, as are his parents.

Anyway, the point of this post is that our friends/J's former bandmates from Jawbox set up an amazing support network through the Callum Robbins Family Fund - this donation site has spread like wildfire; not only throughout the everyday folks who feel compelled to give what they can to J, Janet and Cal, but also through the myrad rockstar bands who have decided to take up the torch for Cal, and throw benefit concerts for the family.

Dismemberment Plan
Bob Mould
Ted Leo
Thievery Corporation
Radio 4

God knows how many others.

Fuck yeah.

For what it's worth, to those peeps in those bands, we thank you - we who care so deeply for our dear friends and their adorable son. As J said in his blog, it will be difficult for Cal to be the "typical cynical punk rocker" as he grows up with all of this support overflowing from all corners and all levels of the punk community.

Gives me hope, y'all.

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