Thursday, June 28, 2007

Done, yet sad...

So, you may remember the neighbor I told you about a few months ago. Sadly, the situation has escalated, and more or less ended today.

My neighbor was inside his house after the ladder incident for about 5-7 days - apparently his 90-year old parents called the Dept. of Mental Health because they've been worried about him. The police tried to call multiple times, were concerned that he'd killed himself, and tried forcibly entering the house at around 11:30 this morning.

First, my neighbor set fire to/blew up the lower floor of his house (apparently his front door was in my yard)
Then, he started throwing things out the upper-floor windows at the police
Next, he began shooting randomly out the window at the police (nobody was injured)
Finally, he shot himself twice in the head (and is apparently in critical condition at the hospital, with very little chance of survival)

You have or will hear about this on the news, no doubt. The press were swarming, as were the police and fire crews. All houses aside from his are okay, and I am currently thanking whatever God exists that the crews who were working on the outside of my house for the last 2 days wrapped up their work yesterday. Anyway, there's the skinny from someone who was actually there. This guy was seriously disturbed, and I feel a mix of sadness and relief this evening.

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