Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a weekend of good, clean fun!

So, I think I can go on record as saying that my weekend was filled with a bunch of good, clean fun and frolic, with a minimal topping of booze...

Friday - I didn't do much

Saturday - I headed up to Ligonier, PA for a family reunion. This was prompted by the death of my Great Aunt Dody (sister to my grandmother), who was a delightful lady with a gigantic family (4 kids, who beget 12 grandkids - amazing!!!). My family on that side are all extraordinary musicians or singers, so it was like an 8-hour musical review, including folk music, campy stuff, some amazing 4-7 part harmonies, you name it. I even got up and sang a couple with my dad on guitar - who would've thunk??? I spent the night in Ligonier on Saturday, then came back early Sunday morning, feeling pretty happy about the fam time.

Sunday - All the booze was consumed the next day at the RAMMY awards - before you start laughing uncontrollably over the name, that actually stands for the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, you dirty birds. Andy's restaurant Cityzen was up for a couple of things, so we went. They won Best Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year - YAY! Afterwards we all went to Hook Restaurant and drank ourselves into a veritable stupor. Except for me. I was actually impervious to alcohol that evening, which was good as we went to Six Flags on Monday.

Monday - took my 11 year old nephew up to Six Flags for the day. I am a roller coaster / thrill junkie, so I was psyched. We did all of the water rides and I did all of the roller coasters, which was a blast and a half. Lines were laughably short, and the weather didn't totally kill us. Andy's hangover tried to kill him, but did not succeed.

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