Tuesday, July 10, 2007

take your stupid slang word and shove it

I've heard a bunch of people use this term lately, and I absolutely want to gauge their eyes out. So quit it, okay??

I love my friends, I really do. But I swear that I'm SHOCKED at the number of "aw, come ON, gimme a break" emails I've gotten about this post. Like eggplant, wet bread, fingernails, people who call the play Les Miserables "Le Miz", and over-annunciated "s" sounds coming from girls, there are just some things in this life that make me cringe, and the word "chillax" is totally one of them. Perhaps it's just that people are in the test-drive phase with the word, and there's been an odd hesitation I've sensed following it's usage by my peers that has unnerved me to my core. Perhaps it's that I've only really heard the word coming from dudes with their Izod collars turned up and Mr. Spock puppets (thanks Bram). Or... maybe...








It's stupid and it sucks.


John said...

Oh, just chillax about it.

dj lil'e said...

no fair - I don't want to gauge YOUR eyes out...

Bram said...

But you gotta love it here.

John said...

Actually, I had never heard the word till you mentioned it here, so it's kinda your own fault for providing me with ammo that I didn't even know I could own.