Thursday, November 15, 2007

My iPod is like having my own personal Yoda

I should qualify this post by saying that I'm typically out of the loop on most things having to do with pop culture - I blame this on not having TV reception for the last 12 years. Seriously, it's really a huge deal. For example, I have never seen an episode of the following TV programs (trying to think of ones that people actually give a crap about...):

30 Rock
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
CSI - any version
The Daily Show since Craig Kilbourne left IN 1998 (one exception was a rerun that I saw when I was at the beach last weekend, but you get the picture...)
Pretty much any other show that's been on in the last 10 years or so, and doesn't intrigue me enough to get it via Netflix (I am more-or-less up to speed on The Sopranos [in the last season now, and managed to avoid all press, so don't friggin' say ANYTHING]; 6 Feet Under; Rome; My Name is Earl; and The US and Brit versions of The Office, so I'm not a total rube...)

I do have a TV, and on that TV I watch DVDs, but otherwise, regular TV channels just look like snow in my house, and I know from experience that Andy and I would become akin to comatose zombies if we ever got cable (minus eating brains, of course).

Anyway, the point of all this is that I am out of the loop. As such, I just got my first iPod last March, and have been camped out on the shuffle function ever since. I'm fascinated by the shuffle; it's like my iPod really "gets" me sometimes - like, this morning during my walk to the metro/commute to work (total time, about 20 minutes), I was feeling a little glum, and the following songs played (in order):

A Dog's Tale - Patrick and Eugene
So In Love - OMD
You Might Think - The Cars
Elephant Stone - The Stone Roses
Gwyneth Paltrow - Edie Sedgwick
The One Who Got Us Out - Ted Leo
Streams of Whiskey - The Pogues

I mean, seriously - how could you possibly feel bad after such a list???

Granted, there are days where the selections crush me; like the day it was on a Morrissey/Pavarotti/Dead Can Dance kick - I got home and litterally cried for a good 10 minutes. And there are days when it seems like all it wants is electroclash or campy 70s hits (and yes, I do have Captain and Tenille in there - sometimes you're in the mood, you know?) Sometimes I even think it punishes me when I skip past one of its choices - like the time I didn't feel like hearing Missy Elliott, so every other song was a Missy Elliott song...

Anyway, I've been wondering what the logic is for the shuffle function. I know there are relevance settings one can select, but outside of that, how the hell does this little electronic device so expertly pick my brain? As always, it looks like I'm not the only one, and of course that I'm on the tail end of this debate.

I just love that we humans tend to look for patterns everywhere - even if "random" is just, well, random. And that we humanize everything (my ipod cover is green and my shuffle function is inside my head - thus the Yoda thing).

All that aside, I just seriously love the iPod iChing. In fact, here's one now:

The Nameless One - The Iditarod
Girl Afraid - The Smiths
Pavarotti - Nessum Dorma

Okay, so you're thinking sad, right??? Then, I get:

Elvira - The Oak Ridge Boys

I think Yoda knew I needed a good laugh...

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