Tuesday, November 06, 2007

stuff with the thing and the stuff

Okay, so bunches of people have read the blog, and given me their feelings on my comments regarding the last Right Round. Mostly, they pretty much got it. Admittedly, I've been debating removing the post altogether - I feel a little bad about being such a beeotch regarding the MJ thing.

BUT, then something occurred to me.

Imagine if you were doing your job - waiting tables, data entry, graphic design, writing, some computer thing that makes my brain fuzz out when you start talking about it, whatever. You're sitting there, doing your thing, and suddenly some drunk guy comes into your cubicle/living room/office, stands 2 feet from your face, and starts telling you how much you suck at your job. For 4-5 hours, this person comes back every... 15-30 minutes or so and gives you a hard time. You might actually bitch about it too. So, thus, I stand behind my post.

I'm flattered that people care, I love that people dance, and I genuinely care deeply that people have a good time and are happy. BUT, I also have some parameters, and I will fiercely defend them, come what may.

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