Monday, April 23, 2007

I wish I could engage in witty urban banter

I was walking into 7-11 on the corner of 14th and Rhode Island Avenue yesterday morning and overheard this utterly fascinating snippet of conversation:

Person 1:
"It ain't about the pills, it's all about the bills."

Person 2:
(laughing knowingly) "You got that right. If you ain't got a dime you ain't got my time."

Being the only 3 people on the street at that hour, there was no way that I could inconspicuously stand there with my mouth agog, trying to figure out what they were talking about - but I swear, ever since I haven't been able to shake the thought that I would have absolutely no ability to hang in a conversation like that.

I'm somewhat clever from time to time, but to have to rhyme - RELEVANTLY - for an entire conversation would be downright exhausting. Am I crazy here??? I imagine the same exchange with me as Person 2 would go a little something like this:

Person 1:
"It ain't about the pills, it's all about the bills."

Person 2 (played by me):
"God, TOTALLY... I mean, it's like, you can... take a horse... to the water... but you... um... maybe shouldn't oughta...?..."

Can you just hear the crickets chirping now???

A little ha ha for your Monday

Check out the comedy debut of my friend Tiffany Bridge. She's one funny lady - her friends always knew it, but now you can too!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

the weekend of 4/20 - 4/22: runninng commentary

Let me preface this by saying that I'm aware the weekend is not yet over. Let me also say, good LORD I wish the weekend was over. I'm not sure what happened with April this year - there must've been some oddball lunar triangulation with Jupiter or something that prompted every friggin' person in the world to want me to spin their event this month. Seriously.

This weekend I had/have 4 gigs.

"4 gigs?" you may be thinking to yourself. "Why, with only three days in the weekend, that seems an absolute mathmatical improbability. What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is that all about???"

What it's all about is my achilles heel, which is to say the volitile combination of my inability to sit still, and my overwhelming ability to overbook myself.

Yesterday I did a wedding AND Right Round. Both. The wedding was fun - great group, lots of dancing, all that good stuff. But I literally had to go right from one to the other (thanks again, Mellie Mel, for spinning the first hour and a half of Right Round and seriously saving my ass), as the wedding ended at 10pm, just as Right Round was starting. In case you were wondering if it's possible to completely change your clothes (pants, shirt, the whole 9 yards) and appropriately funkify your makeup while driving down Georgia Avenue at 10pm on a Friday night - it is! Okay, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it from a safety perspective, but please note that I was actually stopped at red lights for a majority of the process (and I SWEAR to god nobody noticed - I was like a stealthy clothes-changing ninja).

Right Round was really fun too - for a Friday it wasn't bad; got super super super packed for a while, then petered out a bit. I wasn't reinventing the wheel with any of the song choices, but I felt like it kept the floor hopping. Didn't keep a setlist - didn't feel like it.

Today and tomorrow I spin a corporate event for the real estate firm of my good pal Gary - he's always a stitch, so it should be fun. Then sleep. Glorious sleep.

Until next weekend, that is...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do I love ye punk rockers?

Let me count the ways!

You may or may not remember this posting I did about the wee Mr. Callum Zachary Robbins - son of our dear friends J and Janet Robbins. Little Cal is a totally delightful child still, I'm happy to report - he's doing amazingly well, despite his very uncertain condition, and is a joy to be around, as are his parents.

Anyway, the point of this post is that our friends/J's former bandmates from Jawbox set up an amazing support network through the Callum Robbins Family Fund - this donation site has spread like wildfire; not only throughout the everyday folks who feel compelled to give what they can to J, Janet and Cal, but also through the myrad rockstar bands who have decided to take up the torch for Cal, and throw benefit concerts for the family.

Dismemberment Plan
Bob Mould
Ted Leo
Thievery Corporation
Radio 4

God knows how many others.

Fuck yeah.

For what it's worth, to those peeps in those bands, we thank you - we who care so deeply for our dear friends and their adorable son. As J said in his blog, it will be difficult for Cal to be the "typical cynical punk rocker" as he grows up with all of this support overflowing from all corners and all levels of the punk community.

Gives me hope, y'all.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

mixmaster e, at your service

I was recently approached by a band called 23 Rainy Days who ACTUALLY want me to remix one of their songs. From scratch. The song is called My Own Addiction - it's a catchy, bitter little post punk metal-y romp through one-who-done-one-wrongness, which as a former/still dabbling goth girl, I'm all about.

This is a big part of my master plan for world domination - not this remix of this specific song, just actually doing remixes for bands in general. I feel like it's the next logical step for me, particularly in light of the pure bliss I experienced creating mashups last summer. The buck certainly didn't stop there - but it starts again with renewed vigor right now, by God.

So, at this point I have the separated tracks, am sketching out what I'd like to do with them, and am going to begin the assemblage very very soon. I will post much of my process here, and shall reign doom down with my new remixy goodness once it's available for your earholes.

If you're in a band and want me to fiddle with one of your creations, I shall at least entertain the idea (provided your song does not suck/and/or make me run screaming into the night). I'll just need the studio-recorded, original tracks, all separated out - I will not work with your CD, except to sketch ideas about what I'm thinking. So c'mon and be one of my henchman in the master plan - moahahahahaha.....

Thursday, April 05, 2007

cute. food. rules.

How can you not love these little bubs from my paper crane? The cinnamon roll is looking up at me from my desk as I type this...

God, do I ever love weird, should-be-inanimate objects with eyeballs...

Question of the Day

Courtesty of my friend/coworker Gwyd:

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

Ceci n'est pas une rubber stamp
(call it the art school kid in me)

Or, perhaps (speaking more to where I am in this moment...):
What have you got to lose?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

thank you.

The person I'm thanking knows who they are and what this is about. It's nice to know that when my inner badass feels the need to take a step back, sometimes that leaves a space for the people around me to take a step forward.

My faith in humanity is not so tarnished after all...