Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy 2008, y'all

So, here we are in 2008, and all I have to say to dumb old 2007, is GOOD BLOODY RIDDANCE!!!! Aside from the absolute joy I experienced while reading the entire Harry Potter series, start to finish, last year was one of the most personally challenging and friggin' god-awful years I've ever experienced, and I am SO glad to see it come to a close.

So, that in mind, here are my resolutions for 2008 (some may make sense, some may seem kind of funky, hippyish and odd, and some may just downright make you scratch your head, but such is the nature of personal, brain-dumpy stuff, I suppose):
  • NO MORE DRAMA, for the love of all that's holy
  • attain a true sense of internal and external peace
  • um... did I mention no more drama???
  • participate in a marathon (I swear I'm not kidding...)
  • keep on rocking like there's no tomorrow
  • figure out how exactly how to smile with my liver
  • erm... and again with that whole no more drama thing...
  • save yet ANOTHER busload of orphans - my charity seems never-ending, I swear... :)
  • eat even MORE meat! So far I've had bacon, kielbasa, turkey, carpaccio, a burger (with no bun... duh), foie gras, and a teeny bit of salami. I think '09 will be my vegan year, but we'll cross that tofu-paved bridge when we come to it...

I will say that I was grateful to experience another year of happy wedded bliss (hello, 9th wedding, 13th actual anniversary last year!!!!), financial stability, solid DJ bookings (almost too many - things could be worse, right?!?!?!?!), and ever-improving health, so it wasn't all bad. But of the things I must say goodbye to (like them or not), I include bad knees, Lovely Peter H, my crazy neighbor, The wonderful Mike T, my vegetarianism (again, no hatin') and of course, Trent.

So, to those things, I blow a very sincere yet worn-out kiss, and look forward with a tremendous amount of optimism to the year ahead. Wish me luck!

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