Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy birthday CAL!!!

I would like to wish a very enthusiastically happy (and slightly belated) 2nd birthday to Cal Robbins!

Because Cal has Type 1 SMA, his prognosis was not good - most children do not make it this far (and rarely do they make it to their 2nd birthday), so we consider this accomplishment nothing short of a miracle. His parents deserve a tremendous amount of credit - they have tirelessly worked to get this little bub strong and to make sure he stays healthy - not easy, mentally or physically. BUT, some of the credit also goes out to any of you who decided to help this family through the callum robbins family fund - your generosity made it possible for J and Janet to focus on Cal's ongoing recovery; and frankly, it directly contributed to his survival.

Don't you feel good??? You should.

Thanks to anyone who did this as a result of my nagging - J, Janet and Cal are extremely special to Andy and I, and we greatly appreciate anything that anyone has been willing to do to keep this lovely little lad around for a very long time.


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