Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Congrats Circle A

Just need to brag on my fella for a sec...

I'm happy to announce that Andy PASSED his Advanced Sommelier exams in Anaheim last week!!!! Of the 50 people taking the exam this time, 12 passed, and only 2 (my fella included) passed on their first try. The pass rate for this exam is 25%, and there are 3 of these exams in the US per year. If you'd like to see what goes into becoming a master sommelier, take a look here (at the time this was written, there were only 3 levels to the exams, but now there are 4)

The next level is master - there are only 158 master sommeliers in the world, so it's a huge, huge deal for Andy to have come this far, with the opportunity to try for that last level.

I'm so super proud, I can't see straight!!!

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Bram said...

Great news -- I know how hard he was working. Congratulations.