Monday, June 02, 2008

So, imagine you're on a desert island...

... and the only thing that will summon a rescue ship would be playing your favorite 80s songs and/or videos of all time. Mainstream, alternative, hip hop, pop - doesn't matter. Whatever you like. There are no wrong answers.

Forget that you can't plug in a DVD player or TV - let's pretend the last castaway left all that stuff for you, and that the ship would have some super receiver/goggles/whatever to see and hear your transmission.

What would you play?


John said...

What if you don't want to be rescued? Fifties music, perhaps?

AMY said...

This is why they call me The 80's Queen...ready?
Best 80's video..Looks That Kill..Motley Crue
HOt for Teacher...Van Halen

Albums that I had (have) and LOVE!
Too Fast For Love...Motley Crue
Rock A Little...Stevie Nicks
Thriller...Michael Jackson
Licensed to Ill...Beastie Boys
Kill Em All...Metallica
Purple, there is a DVD on the island, I can watch the MOVIE!
1984...Van Halen
Appetite for Distruction...Guns N Roses
Blizzard of Oz...Ozzy Osbourne
ANY Iron Maiden
ANY Judas Priest
ANY Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

Did they leave any hairspray or lace gloves on the island????