Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!!! And... poor me...

First and foremost - happy 50th birthday to my stepfather Mike! [Yes, he is a youngin' - nice job Mom!! :) ]. We threw him a very cleverly pulled off surprise party over the weekend - and totally GOT him, which is not easy to do. Here he is, with the Dirty Harry cake I made for him, photoshopping his face over that of Clint Eastwood's:

Here's the image on the cake:

The party was a great success, held across the street at my parents' neighbor's house (thus the clever ruse - we pretended it was a party for the neighbor's father. Mike even brought a present for him - moahahaha). Much good food was eaten, and unfortunately for me, much good booze was consumed. Apparently booze, flipflops, and my mom's staircase do not mix - I took a good tumble and broke my pointer toe, thus spending the last 2 days like this:

Don't you just love how the black and white photo adequately captures the beauty of my bound up, broke-assed toe? Luckily my not-as-drunk sister was able to apply ice and arnica immediately and keep me from totally having a frankenfoot, but the way my toe would just... I dunno... FLOP over into a 45 degree angle, unable to be pulled back to normal without help was a bit unnerving.
So be nice, and don't step on my toe if you see me, k?


John said...

"Apparently booze, flipflops, and my mom's staircase do not mix"

Add a pool of sharks at the bottom and I believe you concocted the perfect murder!

Will the toe be any better by the time we see you or will you be a big crippled fool?

dj lil'e said...

I should be fine - they said about 3-4 weeks bound up will work (and, apparently, with the type of break it is, I could go running right now - not that I WANT to in any way...), so you'll probably catch me right as I'm coming out of the "buddy toe" stage, as my doctor calls it.