Friday, December 18, 2009

I want CANDY! Custom playlists - are they right for you?

So The Daily Candy was kind enough to put together an article about the custom playlists that I do. You can find that article here.

Here's the more detailed skinny, in case you're looking for it:

Many of the people I work with (brides, companies, event planners) admit to me that they have NO CLUE what kind of music is out there, what their musical taste is, or even how to classify what they already like. They tell me that they often don't even really know where to start. As someone who untangles that complicated musical jumble for folks, and picks the right music for the right events for people for a living, I had one of those epiphany-type lightbulb over the head moments - custom playlists for people.

It's simple - I talk to the person, see what they like and what they don't like, figure out the context of the music, where it's going to be played, and step into my mental record store to get it all sorted out - whether the end result is performing live as a DJ, loading music onto an iPod for a restaurant, or burning a few hours worth of music onto CDs for a party - I can do it for you, and give you the experience that you're looking for!

You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway - there are only 2 arenas where I don't believe this would work:
  1. Weddings where dancing is desired.
  2. Any other event where dancing is desired.

Here's why - and I'm hoping my DJ brethren will back me on this one - there is no substitute for the on-the-fly intuition of a good DJ. You can have the most rockin' playlist of all time - if the crowd isn't feeling it, and you don't have someone in control of the decks who can scream "starboard AHOY" (metaphorically speaking, of course), and turn the musical ship in a new direction, your dance party will fall totally flat, and there won't be a thing you can do about it.

That said, custom playlists are AWESOME in the following contexts:
  • Shops, restaurants, or other destinations that require atmosphere and background music to set a specific mood
  • Professional events that require said atmosphere
  • Dinner parties, or any other type of party that - again - needs atmosphere. Spontaneous boogie would not be kicked out of bed for eating crackers, but isn't the primary objective of the night.
Having a knowledgeable person in charge of giving you the vibe you're looking for is invaluable - shoot me a note, and let's talk!


Geezer said...

Call it cheating, but I take your set lists from right round night and turn them into playlists on my I-pod. When I have a party I hit shuffle and the music is always a hit.

You are right though a top notch dj like yourself is needed if you want people tp hit the dance floor.

DanaJKalman said...

wonderful ..................................................