Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday - DJing the closing party of the G40 summit!

Alrighty - so there's this awesome Art Gallery/supporter/movement called Art Whino - all month they've been throwing art shows in and around Crystal City, and called it the G40. I'm honored to say that they've asked me to throw their closing party - the theme being the 80s - you know I'm good for THAT one!

But, instead of my usual alt-pop, I'm playing some a mix of stuff you love (and love to hate), that's both mainstream AND alternative. The space will be huge, and you will dance. It will be fabulous.

Here's the skinny:

80's Throw Back Closing Reception

Join Art Whino for their closing reception as we swim in the vast glory of all that is 80's with moi on the turntables.

80's Attire mandatory!

Prizes for best 80's outfit.

Atari 2600 Tournament on a giant projection screen with prizes.

Break dance competition

Breakers and Thriller Dancers interested in competing email

Truth Among Liars will be in the house again to customize your clothing and accessories with their many silkscreen designs. Make sure to bring your items to be customized!

Here's the dealio with G40:

Art Whino teams up with Crystal City BID and Vornado to present G-40: The Summit, a month long exhibition and event series featuring over 500 artists from around the world.

The mission of G40: The Summit is to bring the leaders of the New Brow genre together in Crystal City, VA in an effort to explore, discuss and grow this movement. G-40: The Summit will be a culmination of ideas and processes, brought together and highlighted by region and style, creating, for the first time, a full cross examination of this genre.

This event will feature 75,000sqft of exhibition space with 4 floors of art! Each floor will represent different hot hubs of the New Brow movement: The DC, New York, and California metro areas, plus one all encompassing floor for international and other regional artists. Visitors of G-40: The Summit will, for the first time, be able to experience entire floors showcasing artists from these regions, and because of this set up, connect the dots of how the different sub-cultures and environs affect the art. From the laid back California Style, to the fast paced New York way of living, the art will bring a fresh visual perspective that words cannot provide. With all the different styles in one place the New Brow movement, now growing and expanding worldwide, will be more comprehensible to the viewer, finally defining the line between the movement’s beginnings to its future. A movement that currently exists without much literature or founding in “traditional” institutions, yet includes some of the most highly recognizable and sought after art in the world, will inevitably become a major player in the intellectual and mainstream art world.

Each floor will have 10-30 “Showcased artists” who will activate the space with murals and installations, helping to set the mood for their region. In addition to the showcased artists we will have an additional 50-100 region specific artists exhibited on each floor. The show will run up for a month. During the month there will be musical and visual performances, lectures, and more. Also we will feature various art related groups and non-profits, helping to promote their mission and inspire ongoing conversations about the New Brow art world in DC and beyond.

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